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Upcycle With Jing

A brand with sustainability at its core. Upcycle with Jing is the Finland based Jewellery brand with sustainability running through its products... quite literally. Upcycle with Jing is the jewellery brand where its pieces are made from recycled PET plastic bottles directly in Finland.

Speaking to the brand to learn more about the sustainability and planet friend focus of the brand they told us, 'We want you to both look and feel good when wearing our jewellery. Every one of our jewellery pieces have been handcrafted from PET plastic bottles we found in Helsinki.' Being at the forefront of the movement the brand says that, 'Fast fashion is no longer the new black' going on to say, 'You want to look good and feel good – not just because your new earrings perfectly pull together your look, but because you know when you put those earrings on, you’re making a difference' and I think they're right. So many more people are becoming more conscious when it comes to their clothes and fashion and how friendly it is or isnt on the planet. One thing Upcycle with Jing can say with pride they are super friendly.

The brand isn't just about sustainability though the products they design and stock are stunning pieces featuring; Earrings, Necklaces, rings pus much more. The products are handmade and feature some really beautiful designs. Alongside the recycled PET Plastics the brand uses Brass and Plastic beads to complete different products. Speaking about the products the brand said, 'With our jewellery, not only will you wear an exquisitely beautiful necklace, hairpiece, or brooch, but you’ll also give a second life to plastic that would otherwise be left to pollute the environment. You proudly show off exactly who you are in everything you wear. Time to show everyone that sustainability is in style, and it’s not going anywhere.'

Upcycle with Jing is a brand that many others should aim to be alike, taking care of the planet is the way forward for the fashion industry and more people are recognising that. You can shop the full range of products right now over at