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Vivvant - Alexis Jodhpur Boots

Originally used for horse riding the 'Jodhpur Boot' has since become a thing of fashion. The ankle cover footwear has worked it's way into the fashion market with many men wearing them for formal occasions as well as casual, something of a rarity when it comes to footwear that truly works with both styles.

Vivvant are truly helping to lead the way when it comes to making the Alexis Jodhpur Boots something of the now. Something men feel like they have to have in their wardrobe and something that is acknowledged as an iconic piece of an outfit.

Keeping the iconic short length Jodhpur look Vivvant's Alexis Jodhpur Boots collection features strong bold bases with ankle covering necks, stud fastening and the brands triple 'V' Leather stitch on the back.

Featuring 5 different designs in their store Vivvant truly have a Jodhpur Boot for any occasion. Boasting Light and dark suede options alongside the traditional leather style. They have truly enabled the Jodhpur Boot to be stretched in its diversity and therefore increasing its popularity.

Designed in London Vivvant offers a wide selection of men's footwear, all offering style and sophistication in each and every design. You can shop the full range of Alexis Jodhpur Boots from Vivvant over at