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When four alarms don't wake you up… try something more explosive!

Don't worry, we aren't suggesting a stick of TNT is the solution to missed alarms, although some of us might feel it the only option, but perhaps the answer to your waking woes are the Geemarc Wake ‘N’ Shake Dynamite and Star alarm clocks. No explosion, but their innovative system packs a serious kick!

Our wake up time is an area of our lives we tend (try) not to dwell on, probably because we are usually in a state of daze, confusion or blind panic. However, ~~one ~~the specialist in innovation for the deaf and the impossible to wake, Geemarc, spend their day thinking about nothing but your mornings.

Many of us struggle with hearing our alarms or are worried about waking our partner who doesn't start their 'Work From Home' day or shift until long after you've left the house. Equally, parents now packing their little angles off to university for the first time worried about their attendance levels following late nights of over indulgence. Geemarc's simple yet effective products are designed with each of these types of people in mind.

Geemarc created the Wake ‘N’ Shake range to help those with special morning requirements. Both the Dynamite and the Star have extra loud alarms (95db - equivalent to a motorcycle), ultra bright flashing LEDs and an innovative vibration system (see below).

Look Familiar? With a lot of us working from home much more, summer holidays in full swing and the lighter mornings our alarm clocks have probably taken a bit of a well-earned break however the return to the office, new school term and the eventual darker mornings mean setting our multiple alarms to a time once forgotten.

Your early starts need not wake up the whole house.

These clocks have clever, ultra-safe vibrating pads that can be placed in the bed or under the pillow allowing only the "wakee" to be woken and the "sleepee" to remain blissfully unaware. Perfect if your other half is a shift worker or just in need of those precious hours of undisturbed sleep.

One person who could really do with a Geemarc Wake ‘N’ Shake is BBC Breakfast host, Dan Walker. His fear of missing his 3.11am alarm means he has resorted to using four different clocks.

Sound familiar?

Then take the worry out of waking up with the Geemarc Wake ‘N’ Shake Dynamite and Geemarc Wake ‘N’ Shake Star. From £45.99. Purchased on Amazon (Star) & Amazon (Dynamite)