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Become a 'Nobleman'

'Brands that tell a story' - This is what Percy Nobleman owner Freddy Furber made the brands mission statement. He believes behind every good respected brand there is a story.

We here at Hinton magazine have teamed up with men's grooming brand 'Percy Nobleman'. Since the launch of the brand in 2014, Furber has been keen to consistently work on NPD (New product development). We managed to have a little chat with Freddy about his brand.

So, Percy Nobleman is a men's grooming brand, strongly focusing on but not limited it self to men's beard care. We asked Freddy why did he create this brand, he responded 'To meet a need' He then when on to say 'Percy was the first in its market'. We then moved on speaking about the specific requirements Percy aims to meet with its new products, ' The Percy Nobleman design is pretty much fixed at present, new products bring minor variations, the brand theme is stable' Furber told us, and from looking at the website and seeing many products Percy produces he couldn't be more right. It's clear to see the theme is the 'Gentleman' consumer a 'Noble-Man'.

Then Freddy and I went on to speak about the history of the brand. 4 Year since it's launch i wanted to find out where it came from and what were the idea's behind the clever marketing. Percy is the name of the founders (Freddie Furber) great grandfather, the 'Nobleman' is a made up name intended to convey the values of the brand. This really gives you the feel that since the launch of the brand it was a clear direction of style that they wanted to take 'Percy Nobleman' down and still 4 years down the line the original set out is still the same and just as strong.

Lunar Glow is a new part of Percy Nobleman which is a female makeup application and skin care brand.

Percy Nobleman is a strong and stable brand. With only 4 years history the brand has gained strength and respect in such a short amount of time. With all products being Natural, Alcohol free and British made, It great to see a British brand thriving in Britain.

You can check out all of there products at their website,

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