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Creating a Unique Statement

After working on the collection for 4 years, Borys and Petr launched their brand in 2018. Gauge Instruments in a brand new watch brand, bringing 'Eye-catching limited edition timepieces that each make a unique statement whilst remaining affordable.

For the past 4 years Gauge Instruments founders Borys and Petr have been working extremely hard on creating the 'TIMELINE' collection. Whilst creating the collection they were focusing on a clean instrumental look. The main inspirations for the collections came from automotive and vehicle worlds. Whilst doing this they made sure they were balancing the designs so they didn't make things too obvious or tasteless.

We caught up with the duo and asked what motivated them to create this brand,' We felt like there is something missing in the watch world, even though there are tons of watch brands and even more designers we did really feel like there is nothing good enough in our niche and especially at this price we are offering. We design experience. We just decided to do it ourselves as we believe it should be'.

Now if you head over to their website ( and check out their designs, you will see the uniqueness of the watches. whilst still remaining sleek and professional they have managed to incorporate character in to their designs. Which sets them apart from the majority of the match makers out there.

We spoke about any upcoming collections but with the first collection just been released it may be a little while before more are created. With the 'TIMELINE' Collection you can not only see the quality but the time and effort they have put in. With many different face options, as well as a choice of strap material and colour they are standing out from many in their business.

It'll be interesting to see in 12 months time where this brand will be. With there designs to unique and prices so low you can only see one future ahead for them. Hopefully the next collection will be just as good as the first.

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