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This Ain’t Texas, This Is Gymbox

Gymbox launches brand new country-inspired class and UK’s-first Nunchuck gym classes 

  • Latest class taps into the nation’s country obsession, courtesy of Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter era

  • Unleash your inner ninja with the UK-first Nunchuck Ninjas gym class

  • The new classes are available at selected Gymbox locations, including Elephant & Castle and Westfield Stratford from 7th May


Fancy a gym class with a Western twist? Disruptive gym brand, Gymbox, has announced its latest creative class that will have the nation yee-hawing their way to their fitness goals, with Hoedown Showdown. If the cowboy boots and hats don’t take your fancy, become a Nunchuck Ninjas in the UK’s first nunchuck based fitness class, which will see you learning multiple mixed martial arts sequences with nunchucks in hand.  

Hoedown Showdown

For the first time ever, Hoedown Showdown gives gym-goers with a love of country and western the best of both worlds, mixing dance styles from line-dancing and commercial dance that will have you breaking a sweat during this 45-minute barn dance.

The class has been developed to satisfy the UK’s growing country obsession following the launch of modern country music such as Beyoncé’s cult album ‘Cowboy Carter’ earlier this year, which has since inspired the creation of over 1 million videos across social media platforms alone.

Gym-goers can do-si-do down to their local Gymbox for the brand new Hoedown Showdown class that will have you working up a sweat as part of its popular ‘Rhythm’ category. Those looking for a new challenge can embrace the latest TikTok country music trend all while following along with some classic cowboy choreo. Yeehaw!


Bring a group of friends and kick your spurs up to huge hits from icons like Lil Nas X and Dasha as well as country hits from the iconic Beyoncé. The class begins with a full-body warmup before being taken through staple line-dancing moves such as lasso, grapevine, ball change and Charleston. Once you’ve mastered the basics, Gymbox’s trainers will have you changing directions by facing all four walls and will be increasing the tempo, raising heartbeats and cowboy hats.

Ready for your final showdown? Giddy up cowboy for the big finale as you finish with a good ol’ fashioned hoedown throwdown even Miley Cyrus would be proud of.

Nunchuck Ninjas

Looking to embrace your inner ninja? Grab a brand new challenge with both hands with Gymbox’s Nunchuck Ninjas class, the latest addition to the disruptive fitness brand’s ‘Fight’ category. The class will see you learning a lesson in speed, coordination, precision and agility while handling nunchucks. 

Nunchucks, sometimes referred to as chainsticks, have been growing in popularity since the golden age of Hong Kong cinema in the 60s and 70s, making its way into the mainstream thanks to Bruce Lee and more recently in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kick-Ass. 

The warm-up will get you started off with some basic skills to get you used to handling the nunchucks and as the class progresses, you can take a step outside of your comfort zone as the levels of difficulty increase and you feel the strain on your arms, chest, hips and legs. 

Become a warrior in training as this unusual class will see you kicking, striking and spinning along to some classic Hip-Hop until you’ve built up a choreographed mixed martial arts performance sequence. Giving you a full-rounded experience of MMA life, the class will have you working up a sweat and releasing all of your aggressive energy into an art form that doesn’t require any physical fighting. 

Ready for your final round? The final stance will have Bruce Lee smiling down on you as you become a true Nunchuck Ninja. 

Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox said: “We love tapping into the latest trends and adding our own twist when it comes to creating classes. With country music continuing to dominate music and pop culture, we had to bring some of this energy to Gymbox with our Hoedown Showdown class. Fusing line-dancing and commercial dance, Hoedown offers up a fun cowboy choreo class for anyone who wants to saddle up for the current country trend.

We are always looking to encourage gym-goers to learn and develop new skills while attending our classes and our new Nunchuck Ninjas class provides an opportunity to learn a new and unique skill. We are so excited to be the first UK-based gym to offer a class of this kind.”

Hoedown Showdown Class Schedule - Launching 7th May 



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