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Play Clothing's

Everyone Loves to Play - This is what Clothing brand 'Play Clothing's' owner told me when i spoke to him. Larry Fatuga Launched Play clothing's in 2017, when asked why he decided to launch this brand he told me,' Something fun and different to my first brand. Everyone loves to play. So I thought it catchy, fun and represent being happy.' Lets face it if there is a time when people need cheering up it's NOW!

Play Clothing's is what we'd describe as a street-wear brand. It's plain and simplistic look and feel would make it very popular with the youth of today. Just by looking at the garments you can tell what market they are aiming for... which is always pretty good. I wanted to find out of there was any news on any upcoming collections, 'Yes definitely. More interesting collections are yet to come in different colours and style. Includes new tracksuit, denim jackets, stripes design etc. Additionally also going to launch women collection beginning of next year' Larry told me.

Now i find a lot of more of these new brands are going straight into men and women's wear, which i think is fantastic. Its a huge risk though. Stock costs a lot... but if one range has gone well using the same or similar marketing techniques hopefully the new range will be just as popular.

Play Clothing's is a brand that could grow very quickly. I feel its very now, which means it need sot keep up with the times and im sure it'll be fine.

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