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86% Of Singles Reportedly LOVE Facial Hair on Men

Many single men are beginning to navigate the dating landscape with facial hair thanks to No Shave November, and even though November is almost over, many of the beards and mustaches are just beginning. surveyed its users to discover a majority of singles (86%) enjoy facial hair on men as it makes them appear more masculine and mature and because of this, the company is sharing tips on how men can tackle dating with their new look.

No Shave November shouldn’t get in the way of your dating life, so for facial hair newbies, recommends following the below tips for having a successful journey dating with a beard and mustache:

  • Keep it clean and groomed: Facial hair can add a great flare to someone’s being; however, it is important to make sure you keep it groomed and clean to help enhance your look. Just like your hair, you want it to be styled properly because it can really make or break the way you present yourself. Keeping a comb on your person will come in handy!

  • Don’t continuously touch it: Having a beard is fun and something that men like to show off. During a date, try your best to not play with or touch your beard as it can be distracting and might even cause your date to lose interest. Pay extra attention if you’re on a dinner date because you don’t want to be playing with your hair while eating.

  • Know your style: While some facial hair might enhance a man’s features, it can also hide them. When participating in No Shave November, keep an eye on how you look with your facial hair, maybe you look better with only a mustache or a long beard might be what suits you best.

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