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One thing that is quickly becoming a trend is the fact that people are no longer happy being stuck in a job long term that they don't have a passion for. Going back a few of decade having a career mapped out and a job in your early 20's was something that was a must, but fast forward to 2020 and more and more people are looking for that job satisfaction and then if they can't find it like the founders of Womens fashion brand Xaie, they create it themselves.

Katie and Ella founded hand mande women's wear brand Xaie (Pronounced Zay) in 2018 after the both admitted to us they just couldn't find a role that were passionate about. The paid told us it was only,'After working briefly on a project together for a friends wedding dress', that they decided to work together and in 2018 Womens brand Xaie was born.

The brands name 'Xaie' comes from the founders names,' We often get asked about where our name came from, as exotic as it sounds, it is a word scramble of Katie and Xanthe, which is Ella's middle name'. We were told. It would be the starting point of what so far looks to have been a successfully launched brand. When talking about the brand and why they launched it besides the lack of satisfaction they were finding in other jobs, the female entrepreneurs told us, 'Our goal with Xaie is to create good quality, handmade womenswear pieces. We base our designs on classic items that we would both wear ourselves that we would otherwise struggle to find on the high-street'. Something that whilst taking a look at their collections you can say they have achieved very quickly!

With more and more independent brand like this popping up, customers of the fashion industry are turning away from the typical high street fashion brand. The trust and the custom is going to brand like Xaie, brands that the customer can relate to. Although still early in their journey the brand have already got a vibe of their own, hard to do in a crammed market but if you are able to stand out from your competitors you're already giving yourself a head start.

You can head over and shop the latest collections from Xaie over at


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