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A new concept of luxury home decoration

The prestigious French fragrance house, Eight & Bob, presents the Luxury

Home Fragrance Collection. A wonderful collection inspired by five of the most

exclusive places in the world.

Eight & Bob's Luxury Home Fragrance Collection is more than just a home collection, its a new concept of decoration identified with the elegance and luxury that characterizes the brand.

Great design and excellent manufacturing, this is how this new and exclusive collection is defined, where the quality of fragrances, both candles and diffusers, is absolutely premium, since the production process is completely handmade, and its ingredients are 100% vegetable. A range of high-quality candles, candle holders and diffusers aligned to the highest standards of the brand.

Each aroma is available in several formats: candle holders, candle refills and diffusers.

Elegance, exclusivity and handcrafted luxury

High quality leather and handmade. The Luxury Candle Holders are authentic pieces of decoration. Handcrafted and aligned with natural leather and finished in aluminum. The candle holders are developed in two sizes to keep each of the candle refills: 230 gr and 600 gr.

Eight & Bob' line of diffusers comes in a 200 ml format and in a cylindrical- shaped black lacquered glass bottle. These diffusers, which contain a high concentration of perfume, are eco-friendly as their alcohol comes from natural molecules and have high durability.

Unique destinations in every fragrance

The different aromas evoke wonderful places such as: Telluride (Aspen), a floral, fruity aroma and with sweet notes of vanilla; Sagaponack (The Hamptons); a floral, woody and fruity essence; Varenna (Lago di Como), a green, floral and woody aroma; Tanganika (L'Afrique), a Cyprus essence, fruity and with aquatic notes on the top notes; and Lord Howe (Mer de Tasman), a citrus, herbaceous and floral fragrance.

About Eight &Bob

Today, Eight & Bob is a niche brand with presence in the most emblematic points of sale in the world. The brand has continued to share the values that its

author Albert Fouquet transmitted in all his creations.

The success story of Eight & Bob perfumes can be discovered within the book containing the first perfume, hence its name 'The Original'. It tells the story of how a perfume intended only for the personal use of its creator and its exclusive social environment jumps into the American continent with a young JFK, after meeting on the French Riviera.

Albert Fouquet's private collection features twelve masterpieces such as The Original, Egypt, Nuit de Megéve, Memoires de Mustique, Cap d'Antibes, Champs de Provence and the women's and most personal fragrance collection, Annicke.


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