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A Nocturnal rejuvenation indulgence must for your body

Hado Labo Tokyo bottles up the ultimate concentrated firming and rejuvenating Night Body Serum born out of the very latest skincare science

Night time is when our bodies slow down, rest and recover from what the day has thrown at us. Now we can give our skin’s recovery a helping hand at night with a rejuvenation secret in the form of Hado Labo Tokyo’s concentrated firming and rejuvenating Night Body Serum.

As we get older our body’s natural resources of hyaluronic acid (HA) start to decline and that can mean that our skin loses moisture, elasticity and radiance. New Hado Labo Tokyo’s Night Body Serum contains an exclusive blend of four different types of hyaluronic acids, including Super Hyaluronic Acid, as well as retinol and collagen.


The first type of HA in Hado Labo Tokyo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid is short chain hyaluronic acid plus (HA+). The tiny size of its molecules allows it to sink deep into the skin where it attracts water to provide double the hydration of regular hyaluronic acid.


Next is micro-HA, which is built of longer disaccharide chains. This type of HA has an outstanding ability to thoroughly moisturise the skin on different levels to visibly smooth its surface by plumping the skin from within.


Complementing the micro-HA and another exclusive signature ingredient within the Hada Labo formulation, is a unique long-chain macro-HA, which forms a hyaluronic matrix on the surface of the skin, creating a Lock-in-Moist which prevents water from evaporating. Hado Labo Tokyo’s Night Body Serum also includes retinyl palmitate (vitamin A in its purest form) to stimulate the regeneration processes in the skin and smooth the epidermis and collagen, which can be compared to a scaffolding which supports the skin. Adding collagen helps restore elasticity, resilience, firmness, and moisture.


Adding to the signature ingredient collection within Hada Labo’s Night Body Serum is a smart skin-replenishing ingredient - Sodium Hyaluronate Cross Polymer (a large HA exclusive compound). This clever constituent sticks to the skin’s uppermost layers for longer, allowing for an enhanced hydration application, creating that “sponge” effect to restore the skin to its fuller, more youthful appearance. Plus, it smooths out the fine lines.

Together, this magical melange works together to help the skin fight ageing while you sleep. The combination of luxurious moisture will make anyone’s skin feel incredible, with a tightening, smoother and softer effect. The Japanese beauty philosophy is rooted in the idea that skincare products should work in harmony with the skin. Inspired by this philosophy, Hado Labo Tokyo’s moisturising products incorporate purity and minimalism with quality ingredients and no unnecessary extras which could overwhelm the skin.

Skin expert and make-up artist Gina Akers notes, “The skin is your body’s largest organ and like any other organ in the body, your skin’s tissue is made up of many types of cells, all of which need water to function properly. Skin that is not hydrated enough will become dry, dehydrated, tight, flaky and lack lustre. It is also more prone to wrinkles and fine lines and may look dull, rough and unhealthy. Hado Labo Tokyo’s concentrated firming and rejuvenating Night Body Serum uses the very latest skincare science, wrapped up in a smart formula that will help keep the skin more hydrated, feeling and looking healthier, smoother and more supple, as well as softer. It’s a perfect thirst-quencher and a must have for our skin at night.

“Plus, what is great about Hado Labo Tokyo’s concentrated firming and rejuvenating Night Body Serum, is that it works hard as you sleep through the night so that when you wake in the morning, your skin is left loved, nourished and you, your body, rejuvenated inside out.”


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