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Aberlour’s Speakeasy at Charlie’s Workshop for London Craft Week

In celebration of London Craft Week (8th-14th May), Aberlour, a Single Malt Whisky that since its inception in 1879 has harnessed a legacy of craftsmanship, passion and knowledge, has partnered with Charlie Borrow the leather smith and luggage maker. For one week only, both brands will be collaborating to create an exclusive and intimate speakeasy bar experience in the hidden basement of Charlie’s leather smith workshop, which usually only operates as a member’s club. Additionally, Leather wallet making workshops will be taking place in Charlie’s workshop & studio on the ground floor for Londoners to experience first hand the craftsmanship that ties the two brands together.

Charlie’s workshop is situated in the heart of East London between the idyllic Boundary Estate and Columbia Road, an area with a rich history of small scale manufacturing business’ and amongst much of London Craft Week’s programmed events for the week.

Aberlour has an unrivalled depth of experience that delivers the outstanding quality for which the whisky is famed. The brand has spent 144 years refining its craftsmanship, character and complexity, and bringing all aspects together in perfect harmony is the secret to Aberlour’s success. It is with the same dedication to outstanding quality and complexity in creation which can be found at Charlie Borrow’s workshop, with his intricate creations and timeless designs. You will not find ultra modern machinery to speed up production, nor witness manufacturing methods to cut corners or costs. The products are made to last and age in a beautiful and natural way creating leather goods that make lifelong companions.

The leather wallet making workshops will take place on Thursday 11th May and Friday 12th May. Groups of ten will be walked through the intricate construction techniques by Charlie Borrows himself before experiencing an Aberlour whisky tasting by Tom Finding, Aberlour’s brand ambassador, where attendees will learn about Aberlour’s rich whisky making history and complex distilling process behind its range of unique single malt whiskies. Following the workshop, attendees will get access to the Aberlour Speakeasy hidden beneath the workshop to enjoy a range of refined whisky cocktails and whisky drams, made exclusively for London Craft week.

On Thursday and Friday evening during London Craft Week, consumers will also be able to purchase tickets to visit Aberlour’s Speakeasy at Charlie’s Workshop. Ticket holders will make their way through the workshop into the underground intimate bar, where guests will be immersed in the expert craft that is central to both brands.

Tickets for the leather wallet making workshop will be available to purchase for £50 including the leather wallet workshop session, Aberlour whisky tasting and access to the Speakeasy bar until 8.00pm.

Tickets for the Aberlour’s Speakeasy at Charlie’s Bar will be available to purchase for £18 and include two complimentary Aberlour cocktails. Once inside the bar, guests will have the chance to experience a selection of specialist whisky cocktails using the finest ingredients, alongside Aberlour’s signature single malt whiskies of Aberlour 12 Year Old and 14 Year Old and A’bunadh Alba Scotch Whisky which will be available to purchase by the glass or by the bottle.

All tickets are available to purchase via London Craft Week’s website HERE.


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