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Ahoy Club is the number one digital yacht charter platform in the world, giving consumers access to the world-wide-fleet of charter yachts right at their fingertips, with the guaranteed best rates in the market.

Launched in May 2018 by Australian businessman Ian Malouf and daughter Ellie Malouf, Ahoy Club has revolutionised the yacht chartering process for clients globally, providing unprecedented value and making it more efficient, interactive and fun. The niche business offers a new take on the current dated manual process of yacht chartering and puts the power in the hands of the charterers and owners.

Accessible via a website or App and built by experienced yacht owners and charterers themselves, the platform connects those who want to charter directly with yacht owners, significantly reducing the cost of chartering and widening the market. The innovative company dramatically reduces industry commissions and can save charterers as much as 20%, all without reducing the net position of owners.

The streamlined charter process means consumers can search and book from over 3,500 yachts globally, all in one place. With a range of vessels spanning from a 50ft sailing boat available to charter for £4,900 a week

to a 295ft mega yacht for £475,000 per week; Ahoy Club provides seamless service, fun and fast bookings for vessels in every continent.

Built on honesty and backed by experience, Ahoy Club takes pride in adding value and providing the highest levels of luxury service. With a 24/7 concierge team of global team of experts, Ahoy Club has every little detail of every charter covered. From tailored itineraries, recommending hidden treasures, impossible restaurant bookings and intelligent tax solutions, customer’s bespoke charter experiences are the company’s personal pledge.

A privately owned, family founded business, Ahoy Club’s commitment to providing exemplary experiences runs deep. Founder and Managing Director Ian Malouf is an Australian entrepreneur with business success in waste management and a passion for the luxury yachting lifestyle. With a lifetime of experience as both a superyacht owner and charterer, Malouf and his family identified areas that needed improvement within the industry. Recognising the potential to improve the yachting experience, Malouf began development of ‘Ahoy Club’, spearheaded today by himself along with his daughter and Head of Charter, Ellie Malouf. With their objective view, personal experience and strong business acumen, Ian and Ellie Malouf are passionate and successful in pioneering the change the industry needs. 2019 and beyond will see, Ahoy Club continue to change the course of Yacht chartering globally. In November 2019, 54m superyacht MISCHIEF, hit Australian shores; a result of Ahoy Club identifying a growing demand for a Superyacht term charter market in the country.


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