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There just something you can't avoid in the fashion industry in 2021 thats ethical and organic brands... don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing at all, quite the opposit infact. But for the brands that were operating with ethical and organical values 5 years ago are rapidly losing their stage with it becoming over crowded. As an outsider looking in it's fantastic to see more and more brands adapting their brands to think about the planet more in their operations. But for the brands that have been doing it since the start, they now have to shift their focus as to why customers should shop there and not at competitors and Founders of fashion brand AmaElla may have found the exact thing they need.

AmaElla is premium ofganic and ethical lingerie brand with quite the story. Founded by 2 friends who simply shared the same vision - 'a vision of creating a fashion company with ethical and sustainable values at its core.'

Speaking to one of the co-founders Lara, she told us, 'Studying in Cambridge really awakened my entrepreneurial appetite. Before going to Cambridge, I had taken a sabbatical to volunteer for marine conservation in Madagascar – which had made me realise the importance and impact of water pollution, for which textiles have a big responsibility'. Speaking about her business partner Julie, Lara told us, 'It seemed the perfect time and place for Julie and I to start something that would reflect our shared ideas of good business and good personal values. In 2016 AmaElla was born, a brand new organic cotton and ethical lingerie brand.'

5 years since the launch and the female entrepreneur's are still going very strong. With the market more crowded than ever the paid have been vocal on sharing the brands mission, what they set out to do - We are now proud to be running a social enterprise with the mission of encouraging ethical practices in the fashion industry by making our clothes using sustainable and ethical sources. They call it a 'Project born of personal values', and i believe thats how thier customers will also feel. Its a lifestyle that millions globally live and brands like AmaElla enable them to do so.

You can shop the full range from AmaElla over at

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