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BAK up your phone with style

Its not just your outfit you can style... it's your mobile too.

Phone case brand BAK London, found on of the hottest gaps in the market at the moment. Most people us a phone case or cover and they look average, the market was missing the 'Prestigious' looking cases, this is where founders Paul and Abbie Coats stepped in.

They launched their brand back in October 2017 and since there their sales have charged up! With sleek and professional looking styles there a case for everyone. We managed to speak to co-founder Paul about his brand. We wanted to find out, how someone comes up with such a brilliant idea in such a fickle market. Paul said 'We felt there was a gap in the market for high quality professional looking iPhone accessories especially here in the UK', He then went on to say ' When we noticed the gap in the market for good quality handmade leather cases to make the back of your phone look stylish, we simplified it to BAK (Brand Name) and added London, which is where the concept was thought up.

We then spoke to Paul about the particular designs they focus on at BAK London, 'With the rise of social media and new brands popping up everyday especially in the fashion industry we wanted to focus on trying to be slightly different with our texture and colours which you can see from some of our styles in our A/W 17 signature collection' Paul told us.

Its clear for anyone to see that the quality of these cases are off the charts. Not only do they to stylish but they also say smart professional. The great thing about these cases is that they have a design and colour to suite anyone.

Its fair to say the Paul and Abbie have found a 'Gold-Mine' with Bak London and you can see the hard work and effort gone into making the business what is just 7 months down the line.

With there new designs being released at the begging of June be sure to head over and check them out here

Remember dont just style yourself style your phone too.


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