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Being Mindful

Being mindful. What does this mean? I mean what is mindfulness. We as humans, as individuals need to learn to look after ourselves. Our energies and in some ways our aura’s. It’s very much that GUT instinct that tells us whether something is good or perhaps even something is bad.

You see. What affects us truly has an affect on all of us. We have to decide who we let into our circle, who we let out, who we open up to and whom we don’t ant to open up to. And this is important. It really truly is.

Time is precious, and often decisions are also more precious. How and what we do and what we decide affects us far more then we genuinely like to lead on or to believe; but it is ever so true. Now more than ever if you know deep down whether something is wrong, or perhaps you are cautiously aware or even not happy with how something might be going. Now more than ever take back control. This could be in your friendship circle, your family circle, your work circle, your social circle, financial circle or just genuinely getting real with yourself. More times than not this is of course often going to be hard but. Formal practice of these things should be practiced throughout life and in your life now more than ever.

It’s after all in short taking care of your life. All those potential decisions have a crucial affect on, and in your life. It affects your energy and your aura. Every task, daily activity and what you practice and who you surround yourself with not only say and show a reflection of who you are, but also they reflect on how you develop and act as a person.

Sometimes we have to take a step back and evaluate is this person, job, activity, food, exercise, place, and more good for me? Or bad for me. And formal practice, or engaging in taking regular time to reflect on these things. Is a must, and shows a good sensibility of healthy character and looking after oneself. See, it’s hard but we have to remove distractions, remove as many of them as possible. Turn off, switch off, unplug yourself from others of situations. It isn’t bad and it isn’t hard (well not hard in theory.) But it is good for the soul and most certainly good for you.

It’s not about being right or wrong either it’s more so about being aware and having that awareness to understand when things may be going a little wrong to take back control of this for you. So this week, I challenge you to take that step back. Evaluate the actions and thought processes of not only yourself but that of those around you.

Are you helping the positive energy within your life?

What needs changing?

How can I change it?

And are others helping your energy?

What needs changing?

And what could be changed to better encourage a healthier mindful balance.

See how you get on.

Because a healthy mind IS a healthy body.


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