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BetterYou unveils Vitamin C Daily Oral Spray with immunity-supporting and antioxidant properties

Introducing a brand-new pill-free nutritional supplement, just in time for cold and flu season

Continuing to champion the importance of smart supplementation, BetterYou has unveiled its innovative, pill-free Vitamin C Daily Oral Spray – an immune-supporting, antioxidant blend of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B2 and green tea. 

The latest addition to the pioneering health brand’s leading intra-oral spray range delivers 100mg of vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate) per daily dose. Derived from a natural source of acerola cherry extract and calcium ascorbate - a gentler alternative to ascorbic acid.

Stimulating the production and activation of immune cells, BetterYou’s Vitamin C Oral Spray contributes to the normal function of the immune system through its ability to protect white blood cells from invading pathogens.

Researchers believe that white blood cells draw in vitamin C to help protect from oxidants, increase oxidant generation and to ensure any pathogens are killed.

What’s more, the great-tasting cherry and blueberry flavoured supplement has been scientifically formulated to contribute to normal energy metabolism, prevent cholesterol accumulation in the liver and protect the body from oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can generate the overproduction of toxins within the body. Without adequate antioxidant protection to neutralise these toxins, cells become damaged, triggering nutrient imbalances, DNA damage and protein oxidation - which causes ageing.

Crucially, vitamin C also contributes to collagen formation, keeping bones and muscles strong. Collagen represents around one third of the body’s total protein, supporting skin, bones, and teeth, as well as cartilage and tendons, blood vessels and eye health.

What is optimal dosage and who is at-risk of vitamin C deficiency? Unlike animals, humans cannot naturally produce vitamin C and as it is a water-soluble vitamin, the body does not store it, meaning that our diet must supply vitamin C each day and supplementation is advised to maintain levels.

The phrase, ‘little and often’ can be helpfully applied to vitamin C intake, with absorption believed to drastically reduce as intake increases.

Nutritional Expert and Product Developer at BetterYou, Keeley Berry, says; “When it comes to how much we should be taking, only 80 to 90 per cent of vitamin C absorbed by the body will be used when intakes are up to 100mg per day.

“Higher levels (of 500mg and above) result in a rapid decline in efficiency to absorb the vitamin, meaning that supplementing in higher doses is not of benefit, as it cannot be absorbed and will pass through the body.

“Clinical and epidemiological studies recommend 100mg per day of vitamin C supplementation for healthy individuals, an amount that is associated with a decreased risk of mortality from heart disease and stroke.

“Lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking and alcoholism, as well as medical factors including a fever and viral infections can cause a rapid decline in blood levels of vitamin C and individuals may require larger daily doses.

“The most common risk factors for vitamin C deficiency include poor diet, malabsorption disorders (such as Crohn’s, Colitis and Coeliac disease), food allergies and anorexia. The elderly and those taking certain medications such as aspirin, oral contraceptives, and some anti-inflammatories, can also be at higher risk of deficiency and frequent supplementation is advised.”

Specially formulated to optimise health Maximising overall wellbeing, BetterYou’s Vitamin C Oral Spray boasts a unique combination of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B2 and green tea in a pure and simple formulation that is vegan-friendly, palm oil and palm oil derivative free.

Selenium is beneficial due to its role in adaptive immune responses, antioxidant defence and thyroid hormone metabolism. While also acting as an immunoregulator, which is critical in preventing excessive responses that lead to autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.

Important for enzymic reactions within the body, vitamin B2 (also known as Riboflavin) can destroy free radicals and detox the liver, while green tea can stimulate the central nervous system (CNS), prevent vascular inflammation and maintain general health.

Calcium ascorbate vs ascorbic acid Ascorbic acid is vitamin C in its purest form, and it is one of the most well-known nutritional supplements and antioxidants worldwide. However, it has a high level of acidity and can commonly cause gastric irritation.

To neutralise the acidity and subsequent discomfort caused by ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate was developed. 

Binding ascorbic acid to calcium, calcium ascorbate can alleviate the side effects of ascorbic acid, such as gastric acidity, whilst maintaining the same antioxidant potential. 

Working towards a better planet Housed in packaging derived from ethanol collected from sugarcane plants, BetterYou’s Vitamin C Oral Spray is contained in a bottle made from carbon negative, plant-based plastic, combined with post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

Verified by the Carbon Trust, this planet-friendly packaging solution utilises a carbon negative process that removes more CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, than is used in its production and transportation.

Carefully chosen not only for its environmentally friendly production qualities, but also for its recyclability, BetterYou’s plant-based plastic is 100 per cent recyclable and can be put into your household plastic recycling – unlike other forms of bioplastic.

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