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Bio-Plates for Little Ones

Tiny, the Danish-produced tableware for little ones. The tiny line is produced in bioplastic and the entire series is 90% Swan-labelled, which means that the toys are environmentally friendly and free of dangerous chemicals. Read more about the Swan label here. Production of bioplastics reduces CO2 in the atmosphere, The sugar cane is grown on controlled, non-toxic plantations. The Bioplastic is produced from sugar cane, a 100% sustainable raw material.

The set's plate allows parents to divide the food into type, colour or size. If the 2 smallest spaces of the plate are not used for food, the bowl and cup can instead be placed in these spaces and used as a tray to carry food and drink together.

The dining set has a long life, as it can be used right from the child's first meal, and from there it can be adapted as the child's skills and motor skills develop.

The gift set is Danish-made dinnerware from the sustainable brand dantoy and made from recyclable bioplastic. The set consists of 7 parts in fine, natural colours. Recommended age 0+ months.

• Produced in Denmark • Bio-based material • 100% recyclable • Food approved • Contains no harmful substances • Withstands machine washing up to 70 °C • Can be microwaved up to 70 °C

With Danish dantoy's quality dinnerware, Dinnertime, the child can explore food. The plate's 3 compartments make it possible to sort the food and give the child a well-arranged meal. Combine different sets and colours from the Dinnertime series and achieve a lovely selection for the home.

The Dantoy Tiny BioBased Dinner Gift Set costs £18 from


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