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Brand Spotlight - Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

In my latest article on your favourite fashion magazine, I will be starting a new

regular spotlight feature in which I take a closer look at cool and exciting brands! - first up, we have Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

I have been a huge fan of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand for many years; my interest instantly piqued thanks to their fantastic designs and unique distressing on each shoe. Golden Goose is a premium sneaker designer that unfortunately seems to go under the radar with many fashionistas. In my eyes, they are one of the top premium footwear brands (I even get giddy with excitement when I spot a fellow fan rocking them out in public!). The Italian based company offers a variety of different styles in their collection, including a multitude of alternative colourways, patterns and prints.

However, the abundance of choice is not the main selling point for Golden Goose - no, the brand goes one step further, and each pair is distressed by hand, no small feat considering the size of the range. The wear and tear added to each shoe do not follow a set guideline; you can open multiple boxes and be greeted with drastically different looks. Some pairs arrive completely covered in dirt and scuffs; others will be almost entirely clean sneakers barring a handful of tiny marks; they can even include splashes of graffiti using ink or paint.

The brand is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea (I have had many conversations with shocked faced friends and acquaintances who don’t believe you would pay “that” on pre-damaged shoes), but for me, their individuality is a breath of fresh air when it comes to footwear.

Here is a quick run down of their most popular shoe ranges -

The Golden Goose Superstar

The Superstar is the brand's flagship poster boy and the style that is most attractive to newcomers! These sneakers are available in a vast selection of colours along with both leather and suede fabrics, boasting a modern design with a sleek and low structure and are extremely comfortable to wear (which I can personally attest to). If you are looking for an entry-level into the world of Golden Goose, these are a good starting point!

Golden Goose Slides

The slides are similar to the Superstar in many respects, offering that same quality in design within a high top shape - each pair includes a side zip, so no unnecessary fiddly laces to untie! Many wearers opt to leave the laces undone for a very edgy- cool and casual look!

Running Sole

The Running Sole is Golden Goose's step into the sportier market, offering up the typical looking runner style with that special touch only Goose can bring. With a smattering of cool colours available, all paired with the brand's pre-distressed MO, these are a style to keep an eye on!

Golden Goose Ball Star

Next up, we have the basket-ball inspired range of sneakers, similar to the Superstar collection, albeit with a slightly elevated design and number on the rear of each shoe. However, they are different enough to be worthy of a mention and added to your shoe collection!