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Brits are going botanical in their quest for wellness

New research report - THE SCIENCE OF ESSENTIAL OILS: WHY IT MAKES SCENTS’ – reveals how the UK is turning to natural, clinically proven essential oils to help ease daily health and wellness troubles

85% of stressed Brits think that having plants at home is vital to their health and wellness needs[1], with 45% saying they feel calmer, 36% noting they feel happier and 30% going so far to say it reduces their stress levels. This is according to a new research report soon to be published from Puressentiel, makers of a unique range of clinically-proven essential oil products for everyday health and wellness needs. The new research poll commissioned by Puressentiel found that:

  • 58% of people in the research describe their life as stressful and 62% say that their stress levels have risen since the start of the pandemic began.

  • 48% of us say we get less than six hours of sleep a night; one in three say they are sleeping less since Covid-19 began and a scary 21% have been prescribed sleeping tablets.

  • One in five households includes someone with asthma and the number of people diagnosed with COPD has jumped by 27% in a decade[2]. Levels of indoor pollution can be up to 3.5 times higher than levels outside[3].

The Puressentiel report - ‘THE SCIENCE OF ESSENTIAL OILS: WHY IT MAKES SCENTS’ - goes on to highlight that at least half of us are willing to try plant-based health solutions for common health challenges, such as stress, sleep and respiratory problems. And many already have. Last year, 247 kilotons of essential oils were produced globally.[4] To put this into perspective, that’s more than the combined weight of 19,900 double decker buses[5] — a huge amount when you consider that most applications require only a drop or two of essential oil.

GP, Dr Nisa Aslam and mum of three says: “There is a growing interest in all forms of botanical ingredients and consumers are taking a much more proactive interest in health maintenance, as well as self-care for ongoing issues. There is a long history of traditional use of many essential oils and this is now supported by clinical trials and a better understanding of how and why they work. Particularly around challenges, such as sleep, respiratory health, stress and musculoskeletal pain.” Natural health specialist and chemist, Dr Tim Bond adds: “Essential oils have been valued and used for centuries, but we are still learning about the ways they work, and unlocking some of the complex synergies and mechanisms which underpin their long history. There is now a lot of evidence that combinations of essential oils are far more potent than the sum total of each constituent oil.” Puressentiel is built around a clear and simple mantra: “The efficacy of Nature”. It has a range of natural, clinically proven products to help with respiratory needs, allergies and asthma, problems sleeping, head lice, aches and pains, hayfever and many more health and wellness solutions. There are more than 300 studies proving the efficacy and safety of Puressentiel’s products, which combine exacting pharmaceutical standards with sustainably sourced natural ingredients.

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