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Carbon-negative yoga mats

The carbon-negative yoga mat range is here. It's clear to see sustainable practices and being an Eco-conscious brand is something that almost everyone adopts when starting.

Form, the brand behind the mats say, 'we've created one of the only certified carbon neutral yoga mats in the world and images of the range can be seen here. We have recently launched the Slate and Sky mats which will be widely available for autumn and the Christmas gift period.'

Some notable facts and stats about Forms new collection;

  1. - Form mats are made from recycled natural rubber and plastic bottles. Pro and Travel mats are fully recyclable at the end of life.

  2. - The Onyx mat is biodegradable - takes 2 to 5 years to completely biodegrade.

  3. - One of the first circular yoga mats in the world - others have followed since, but not to the same spec

  4. - Free from toxic PVC/glue/silicone

  5. - >200%: the amount of our carbon which we offset making us very carbon negative

Form has officially been recognised for the incredible work they have done, achieving the Climate Neutral Certified Status through measuring its 2019 greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint and implementing plans to reduce emissions in the coming year. However, the company is carbon negative due to more than offsetting their footprint - a move that has been the case since the company was founded. 

We sat down down the owners of Form to ask them a few questions on their new collection and their thoughts on how the future for many brands might look;

What was it that motivated you to create this eco-conscious mat? 

Looking around the gym we realised a lot of the kit is incredibly unsustainable: lots of plastic bottles, poisonous PVC mats and clothes which end up in landfill. We wanted to make a difference so set out to create a mat which not only helped the user's workout (with better grip and the Form Grid to aid alignment) but also to have a positive impact on the environment.

Did you plan for the outset to make sure this mat was going to be as environmentally friendly as it actually is? 

Our intention from the start was always to ensure every part of the business and product has a positive impact on the environment. Ensuring the product was recyclable and made of recycled materials was our first step, before we moved onto carbon offsetting our entire business from production and transportation. One of the hardest parts to make more environmentally friendly was actually the packaging - plastic is always the default as it's cheap and hard wearing. We worked hard to ensure our product packaging is completely plastic free and completely biodegradable. We've since expanded the range to include a fully biodegradable yoga mat! 

Do you think people are becoming more ethically conscious when purchasing things like yoga Mats?

Yes I think so; there has been a big push by consumers to be more sustainable. This is shown by recent campaigns to ditch plastic bags and straws. However, I believe we can all do more and refuse to buy from companies which are not serious about improving their environmental impact.

In the past few years we've also seen a number of other companies in our industry and other industries moving to be more sustainable. Our mission was always to inspire other firms to become more sustainable, so if we've contributed even in part to that, then that's a good thing!

Are there any other pieces of sporting equipment you might like to try and design with the same practises? 

Yes we would like to expand to other product ranges and have some in development: the more sustainable products on the market, the fewer unsustainable products which will be bought, which has to be a good thing! However, sustainable product development takes time and we won't launch a product until we've fully evaluated its lifecycle from production, through to disposal. Stay tuned!

Form have also developed the shape of their mats after looking at common and key yoga poses. Pro and Travel mats are machine washable. Form say,' Our company is British, and we are committed to pushing the sustainability message'.

You can shop the full range now over at