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From Photography to Fashion

From Photography to fashion thats been the journey for fashion brand Clear Cut Clothing. For a few years Jake Fowler, the founder of Clear Cut Clothing and his partner ran a photography blog, from which their images inspired them and their designs for their fashion brand. 

Originally launching Clear Cut clothing in 2017, Jake Told me that he didn't start trading officially until May 2018. Giving himself time to get the brand ready for a big launch. I wanted to ask Mr. Fowler the reasons behind creating his brand apart from just having the inspiration from images he told me 'We created the brand to shed light on our local area. Like the majority of people from the Romney Marsh, we’re proud of where we’re from; So ClearCut is our way of celebrating our community, and to help propel the Romney Marsh onto a bigger stage'. With the support of his community behind him, its a good start for Jake. 

So just launching within the last 3 months, I wanted to find out how serious they was about this brand. I wanted to see how far ahead in the future they were thinking, With summer coming to an end in the next 2/3 months, fashion brands all over the world start to release there A/W Collection 2018. So i wanted to see if this was something that Jake had thought about,'There’s a lot of stuff going on in the background at the moment. Our W/A 18 range will be dropping soon which includes some fantastic new products that are a bit different to our current range'. He then goes on to say,'Watch this space'. 

I am always interested to see where the designs come from with brands and to find out whether or not there is a second reason or a personal reason, So with Clear Cut Clothing we already know it stemmed from the photography blog they used to run, I wanted to see if there was more to it. I asked Jake Are there any particular designs you focus on? He informed me,'Not necessarily. If we like it and it works, we’ll try it out. There’s no particular style. We just like things that are unique and stand out'. Which can benefit a brand, because if you are to have a set design and style it limits you, with this it gives Jake and his team the freedom to create whatever they like. 

Lastly I wanted to find out the reason behind the name Clear Cut Clothing and to see what the Drive is behind the brand. Fowler said,'The definition of Clear cut is “sharply defined; easy to perceive or understand” and that’s exactly what we want from our logo. It’s simple and easy to identify'. and that the mission was, 'To create emotional connections with people and communities around the world through cutting edge product design, unforgettable customer experiences, and ambitious marketing'.

I am very interested to see where is brand is at in 9/12 months time. It is widely thought that for many the first year is the hardest. I hope They stick at it as i think it could be a real interesting and popular brand. 

You can check their website out here


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