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Core Collective

Boutique gym, Core Collective is really excited to be able to open its studios again on 17th May and also introduce a brand new class to its already dynamic schedule. LIFT will be taught at Knightsbridge and St John's Wood studios once the doors reopen for classes.

After the huge popularity of the class, which debuted on the online zoom timetable during lockdown, the gym has decided to make it a new permanent in studio fixture, helping to maintain fitness levels and increase strength. LIFT will help sculpt, tone and build endurance while focusing on slowing the movements down in these challenging and satisfying sessions, using dumbbells and kettlebells.

LIFT will be a focused class where trainers hone in on form and movement patterns. The class will target all major muscle groups and build strength, leaving you feeling refreshed, fitter and stronger after a great all-round workout. Core have created LIFT to provide an option focussed purely on strength training and the benefits it brings: increased longevity, increased bone density, feeling stronger, better muscle tone, better heart health. What to expect: a 45 minute class utilising dumbbells and kettlebells. Expect Kettlebell flows to more controlled time-under-tension compound lifts. They will also add in some heart raisers, to ensure you’re getting that metabolic burn in your workout. “Strength training has always been a really important part of our ethos at Core Collective. So this class is a way for us to celebrate its importance and the benefits it brings - from actually being physically stronger to giving our clients more confidence when working out. It’s a class that will empower our clients across all forms of exercise they do, knowing they have a solid understanding of how best to move / perform when strength training.” COO and Head Trainer, Heloise Nangle.


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