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It's so important when launching a fashion brand you have your vision, you have idea of how you want your brand to be perceived. This is something that was important to Niko Mieho, the founder of fashion brand CRAGA upon launching his brand.

Back in 2015 Niko set out to launch his brand CRAGA, with the vision his garments would represent Modern street style. Using quality fabrics and top craftsmanship the founder of the Finnish brand is still going strong 5 years later. Founder Mieho, learnt his craft or tailoring and wanted to fuse his designs with some traditions craftsmanship giving the street wear brand a niche which would enable them to separate themselves from the rest, Niko says, 'A standout style, creativity, and tailoring are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy'.

CRAGA aims to produce inspiring and an eye-catching clothing collections, with inspirations coming from global sports and the urban lifestyle. Wanting and achieving to bring something new and fresh to the high streets, they aim to produces garments that every wardrobe will need, what ever your background or profession is. Producing collections people could wear everyday to those one-off limited edition pieces with street wear inspiration.

The collections over at CRAGA is what I would describe as simplistic but with impact. I am a fan of the plain top or sweater with the single image across the front. Its that typical street style wear and you can wear it to most occasions (apart from black tie...) but the jumpers you can put a shirt under or a polo under the t-shirts are perfect summer wear, something light that isn't just plain colours.

You can shop the full range now over at