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Creating permanent beauty - Son De Flor

A brand that says they started like most fairy tales, 'Once upon a time, in a small country near the big sea, there lived two sisters…’. It was these two sisters that would go on to challenge the fast fashion industry and co-found linen brand Son De Flor. Founders and sisters Indre and Vaida wanted to create a brand that would slow this world down a little by creating permanent beauty, without the urge of constant consumption.

They launched their brand with an elegant piece, a 'Peter Pan collar dress with a charming twirl', They created this dress with the best linen they could get their hands on where they were living which was a small country near the Baltic Sea. The pair say, 'That dress is so much more than meets the eye. It’s calm and safety. It’s home. It’s laughter round the dining table. It’s comfort and assurance. It’s modest and yet standing out. No chase of trends, nor seasons. Time-less. Feminine. Charming. Subtle'. A really heartfelt definition of the piece, giving the impression this is more than just a brand to them.

The ethics behind the brand is clearly very strong, showing that they know and hold close to their hearts the companies and bands behind every process that creates their pieces. In the current times two things are becoming more important to consumers as they become more conscious about the brands they are wearing thats the Sustainability of the brand and the ethics behind it and its clear to see this is at the front of the sisters minds whether intentional or not, everything about this brand give your good feelings.

Son De Flor sources their linen for their garments from a local producer, boasting the fact all the yarns are raised in the EU, whilst outsourcing the production of their garments to yet again LOCAL producers, including a company that hire women with hearing disorders. Another process of creating each garment is the stone washed process, again the brand boast localism with a small family owned business doing this process for them.

The Linen based brand has released a wide range of products for women including; Dresses, Shirts, Bags coats and even wedding dresses,something for everyday in your life! They even produces dresses for girls too. You can check out Son De Flor's elegant collection over at