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Cycle Smart, Not Hard: Swapfiets’ Uk Launch The Power 1 Model The Perfect Entry Point Into The World

Electric fastest growing category with over 30k e-bikes on the road

- Pioneers of the all-encompassing and hassle-free cycling subscription model, Swapfiets has released a second e-bike into the UK market.

- Londoners can cycle in style this Summer with the launch of the Power 1 e-bike and its classic blue front tyre – a Swapfiets staple

- With an affordable, fixed-monthly fee (with multiple price points) the brand is leading the movement to more liveable cities.

Summer is finally here and with it comes cycling season, as a rush of Londoners take to two wheels to explore the City and in perfect timing, cycling subscription brand Swapfiets is launching their Power 1 e-bike for the first time in the UK*.

Available from July 25th, the Power 1 is the must have entry-level e-bike, with an affordable price tag and a comprehensive, hassle-free subscription model, Swapfiets latest release is making cycling easier for London’s novice bikers and aficionados alike. Even more importantly, with the cost of public transport in the Capital at an all-time high, the Power 1 is breaking into the market at the perfect time, giving Londoners a cost-effective alternative to their usual daily commute.

Power 1 specifications:

  • Single speed e-bike, 25km/h top speed, 80km range and with the battery charged in 4 hours, that’s nearly the equivalent of cycling around the London Marathon twice! This is the perfect option for an urban London lifestyle, with a subscription from £59.90 per month*

Brand ethos and looking to the future

Swapfiets was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 and it quickly developed into one of the leading micro-mobility providers in Europe, now with 250 thousand members across nine countries. And the saying ‘it’s all in the name’ has never been truer as ‘Fiets’ is the Dutch word for bicycle, making the literal English translation ‘bike swap’.

And furthermore, as cities are increasingly becoming a focal point for climate action and sustainability, the brand’s user-friendly platform is actively helping to make our cities more liveable and biking more accessible.

The brand is going from strength to strength:

  • Swapfiets has already has a strong pedigree across continental Europe and the company has experienced dramatic growth in recent times (280K subscribers across all bike models)

  • Sustainability is important to them too, vowing to be 100% circular by 2025, as they ensure that there is a focus on sustainable expansion in the years to come

Richard Burger, Co-Founder & Director of Sustainability: “Subscriptions are the future of urban mobility, and more customers than ever are opting for a hassle-free experience where they leave all the burdens of ownership to Swapfiets. In our recently published Sustainability Report, our research identified that our bikes have 35% less impact on the planet compared to buying and owning a bike.

“Additionally, it’s not just our product that we’re looking to design with sustainability in mind, behind the scenes we’ve now reached 100% green electricity across all our shops and offices and 60% of the total travel completed by our employees is done by bike.”

How does the business model work and what bike options are available?

Swapfiets operates a circular business model. Every part of the bicycle is designed to be easily repaired, replaced or recycled, extending the product's life cycle and eliminating waste.

Swapfiets has something for everyone:

  • Power 7: With 7 gears, 25km/h top speed, 100km range, with the battery charged in 7.5 hours, this model is a great option, with a subscription fee from £109.90 per month

  • Deluxe 7: This model has 7 gears, hand and coaster brakes, ring lock + chain lock included, plus a hub powered LED light, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee from £19.90 per month

  • Original: For those individuals who are looking to dip their toes into the world of cycling and perhaps begin commuting to their place of work, this model could be the perfect option. Great value for money, with this one speed coming with a custom roller brake and a ring lock + chain lock from £16.90 per month

All bikes come equipped with reinforced puncture-resistant tyres, a double AXA lock, luggage carrier and superb lighting for enhanced safety - a first for the UK. Plus, you’ll be able to spot a Swapfiets bike a mile away, with their signature front blue tyre leading the way. You can’t miss it!

  • Bicycles can be taken for a short test ride from the Swapfiets store located at 58 Commercial Street. New members can sign-up in the store or at