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De La Creme

With highstreet fashion comes highstreet prices. When a store in the highstreet puts a price on a garment they have to account for all the costs of running the store, from rent to salaries. There is one brand looking to change this... well they have, De La Creme is an online fashion manufacture which sells 'High street fashion at factory prices'.

We are always looking for those perfect peices whether it be a whole new outfit or that top to complete one, and what a good feeling it is when you get it at a lower price! At De La Creme they have been manufacturing and selling high-quality ladies and men's outerwear for over 25 years and it has been over 10 years their items have been sold on online marketplaces as well as their own website.

De La Creme fashions manufactures and sells clothing for both men and women. The brand thats popular with the UK market is manufactured in the UK too! The brand told us,' We manufacture and sell mainly men's and women's coats and jackets, but we also sometimes sell other outerwear products from time to time'. Showing their stocklists are always keeping up to date with the latest trends. The cherry on the top is that they manufacture it too, so there is no waiting for stock arrivals.

You can also find De La Creme fashion garments stocked at other online fashion retailers including Asos Marketplace and Silk Fred, two huge online clothing stores.

With 25 years behind them in the manufacturing industry De La Creme fashions certainly have the knowledge of the fashion market and how fast it can change and even with all of this they still offer their very stylish garments at incredible prices. Buying a whole new wardobe wouldn't burn a whole in your pocket.

You can find this out for yourself and check our the full range of collections over at now!