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Did you know you can relieve anxiety Symptoms with Magnesium?

It is estimated that 6 million people in the U.K. suffer from anxiety with more than one in ten people likely to have a ‘disabling anxiety disorder’ at some stage in their life.

Shortness of breath, tremors and irritability are all common signs associated with anxiety and these feelings are all too familiar for forty-eight-year-old Anna Newport, who has endured both the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety and stress for over 30 years.

After symptoms worsened for the mum-of-four, who was eventually rushed to hospital with chest pain, Anna turned to a natural remedy to improve her quality of life.

“I have suffered with anxiety since the age of nine and I worried all the time, about all sorts of things, which took a huge toll on my personal and work life”, explains the Yorkshire resident.

Anna continues; “this manifested in a number of physical issues including; chest pains, shallow breathing, eye twitches and memory loss. At one point, my chest pain became so bad that I had to be rushed into A&E.

“After researching my symptoms, it became clear that low magnesium levels may be a contributing factor, so I began to investigate magnesium deficiency and looked for topical magnesium products to try.

“I came across the BetterYou transdermal magnesium range in Holland and Barrett and immediately added Magnesium Flakes to my bath.

“I have now been using the flakes, along with the Magnesium Oil Body Spray, for over six years and I absolutely believe that they have helped me and have had such a positive impact on my life.

“I find the spray extremely convenient, it is now a part of my shower and bedtime routine and I always use the flakes when I have a bath. There is an element of mix and match for me with the products that is more about convenience, but I always make sure I get my daily dose of magnesium.

“My quality of life is now exceptionally good, and I am honestly a magnesium evangelist, recommending that everyone try the BetterYou magnesium products or at least look into whether they may be experiencing low magnesium levels.”

“What would I say to people thinking of using this product? Do it, do it, do it! You will never regret it”, concludes Anna.

Magnesium can help to regulate serotonin and melatonin levels and deficiency is known to produce symptoms of anxiety and depression, with a recent study concluding that daily magnesium supplementation can lead to a significant decrease in symptoms.

As a natural relaxant, magnesium is one of the body’s most important minerals, with low levels estimated to affect around 70 per cent of us.

Transdermal (through the skin) magnesium is a fast and effective method of remineralisation. Applied directly onto the skin, magnesium is quickly absorbed, completely bypassing primary processing by the digestive system where many nutrients, including magnesium, are poorly absorbed.

BetterYou’s award-winning range including; flakes, body spray, gel, body lotion and butter, is priced from £9.95 and is available from Holland and Barrett as well as online at, and Select products from the range are also available at Boots and Superdrug.

You can learn more about the benefits of Magnesium and how you can find your ‘Magnesi-zen’ at


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