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Don't let your period stop the passion on Valentine’s Day

39% of women let periods stop the passion on Valentine’s Day

While more than half of us have a night of passion and intimacy planned with our partners this Valentine’s Day, research by Yoppie, the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, has found that our periods put a stop to any activity between the sheets for 39% of women.

Yoppie’s survey of UK women asked them if they and their partner generally planned to be intimate with each other on Valentine’s Day, revealing that 55% did plan to do the dirty.

Yoppie then asked them what would put a halt to plans between the sheets, with a notable 39% stating their period would stop play.

26% just weren’t that intimate despite the heightened levels of romance, with 12% getting a bit too carried away on the wine and stating being too drunk could stop them.

One of a pair being at work would prevent 10% from being intimate, while 9% were cock blocked by Covid and not in the same bubble. A further 4% could be prevented due to living with parents of flatmates.

But why are so many women put off from having sex on their period?

Yoppie asked them just that and found that for 27%, it wasn’t a big deal at all. However, 64% of women didn’t like to for their own personal reasons, with a further 7% stating their partner didn’t like it.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 2% of couples thought they couldn’t have sex on their period!

Speaking on the matter the founder, of Yoppie Daniella Peri, Commented; “Sex on your period is one of those subjects that still splits opinion and that’s fine. For some women, our periods can cause our sex drive to vanish for a whole host of reasons such as bloating, cramping or a pure lack of energy. But that said, there’s nothing wrong with it and it certainly shouldn’t be viewed as a taboo subject. As long as you are your partner are comfortable and you don’t mind replacing the odd bed sheet, having sex on your period is a perfectly normal thing to do and a period definitely shouldn’t prevent the passion on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter.”

Want to know more about how your menstrual cycle can affect your sex life? Yoppie has you covered, just head to:


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