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  • Curtis Hinton

Esri Skincare - Reflecting beauty within naturally

The Skincare market is one that is forever growing and over the last few years its not been the big brand that have dominating the market with more and more people turning to independent skincare brand for many different reasons but one main one... because they're natural. Although most big brand have now focused on turning all products to be toxic free not all have achieved this so consumers have been turning there trust in independent brand who are relishing in this opportunity. This month at HINTON is all about a skincare brand whos doing exactly this! Esri Skincare and we've sat down with the founder of the skincare brand Cheri Simon talking all things from launching the brand to the future of her brand.

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Cheri, For those who might not have come across your products before,

could you explain what you do? 

I developed Esri Skincare in March 2020, literally on my kitchen table. I wanted to

create an ethically-sourced, luxurious and natural skincare line specifically for the

health-conscious, 30 something and over woman who knows herself on a spiritually conscious level, dares to be non-conformist and is free spirited. Esri Skincare fans are interested in beauty and refinement and love products that not only refresh, sooth and hydrate but also rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Our customers enjoy ageless skin and that elusive fabulous glow we all want. It’s that simple.

What was your motivation to create a Natural Skincare brand? 

I always seen looking after my skin as a ritual which allowed me to practice

mindfulness and I wanted to create the same powerful opportunity for other women so they can be healed on a spiritual level and access their divine feminine. I have always been interested in natural remedies, essential oils, reiki, yoga, reflexology etc. Anything that reflects beauty within and without. I particularly have a passion for aromatherapy and my skincare range allows me to revel in my passion. I seem to have the gift of blending essential oils for a specific purpose. I love it.

I used to make small batches for family and friends. The feedback was always complimentary and I believed in my skincare line and so did other people.

I wanted to create something that was truly natural and ethical, with real results.

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What were the difficulties you faced when starting out? 

At first the main difficulty was myself. Getting over myself, I was a little scared and I had niggling doubts and kept thinking about the ‘what ifs’. I went through a very challenging divorce and got through it. I woke up and realised that if I can get through this, I can do anything. Therefore, I took the first step and just started. I would say to anyone wanting to start a business that you will never truly feel 100%

ready so just start. Let go and go with the flow.

The skincare market is a very difficult place to grow a customer base, people tend to stick with their products they've used for years. How did you get around this huge obstacle? 

Perseverance and personality. I’m not trying to lure customers away from their skin care products I am trying to help customers. I am genuinely interested in people and how I can help and heal them at the same time. I think once potential customers can feel my interest in them and any skincare issues they may have, they are willing to give me a try.

If you were looking to sell me your products, how would you pitch them?

What makes your product stand out from the rest?

My brand is about inner beauty, touching on the spiritual aspect of the mind.

I use pure essential oils in all my skincare products and the formulations I use are

my own recipes and from the heart. Each essential oil targets a specific skincare

issue. As all the ingredients are natural, they are biocompatible, they work with the body and not against. I would like women to go somewhere quiet, be relaxed and use my wonderful products, reconnect with themselves. All the ingredients have a specific, physical, mental and spiritual attribute, to help you feel health, revived and rejuvenated.

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Do you think more people are using skincare products now than they were

10 - 15 years ago?

Yes as there is so much choice now. People are more savvy when it comes to

different skincare products and what the ingredients do. The face is the first thing

that everyone sees. People want to look the best they can be and appear more

youthful and healthier.

More and more people are turning to using natural products and brands who

source their ingredients ethically. Why do you believe this is?

The message is getting through, that nature provides all that we need. We are all

part of nature, part of the eco system and more people are aware of this and want to do their part. Mother nature loves us all and when used correctly causes no harm. Unfortunately, there are many skincare products that contain harmful chemicals that are toxic. People are waking up to this and want to take back control of what goes into the body. Natural skincare allows them to do this and this is why I am here.

Why do you believe it's important that people take care of their skin?

It is the largest organ on the body. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed

straight into the body. When you take care of your skin it is a form of self care. When you look after body, your mind aligns and spiritually you are more balanced.

Has COVID-19 affected business for you? If so in what way?

There has been a slight financial impact, this was to be expected, but I am resilient

and optimistic. My customers have been very understanding if deliveries have taken slightly longer and I appreciate this.

Are there any new lines you are currently working on that you could give

us an exclusive on?

 I am concentrating on the lines that I do have now. I am working with customers to find out their preferences. To an extent, I am governed by them.

What do you see the future for Esri Skincare like? 

My skincare products also focus on inner beauty, on mindfulness and aims to ignite your divine feminine. The essential oils used have physical, mental and spiritual qualities that can help you navigate the ups and downs of life.

I have big dreams for the future. I am ready to scale up, therefore I am pushing to

create my own spa/wellness spaces with other complementary products and

services, as well as being in retail stores and featuring on shopping channels.

You can shop the full range from Esri Skincare over at or in the HINTON Shop