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Europe’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinic Predict Beard Trends for 2024

Following a year that saw them expand their custom to become Europe’s leading hair transplant clinic for male/female/transgender patients, Istanbul’s Estenove saw a 100% increase in beard transplants across 2023, following requests to emulate celebrity looks including those of Johnny Depp and Prince Harry. Now, as pioneers of groundbreaking initiatives in effectiveness and quality facial hair transformations, they reveal their beard transplant predictions for 2024.

Estenove predicts styles like Ed Westwick’s tidy stubble for spring and Jake Gyllenhaal’s robust Verdi for winter

Estenove’s Co-Founder and CEO, Batuhan Kizilcan, says: “At Estenove, we recognize the dynamic nature of beard trends that can evolve as the year unfolds with each season and pride ourselves on being attuned to the personal style of each patient while being dedicated to providing the highest quality possible.”


Spring – Winter being over calls for a clean stubble look; very easy to maintain and both casual and classy. It’s spring cleaning for the face.

Summer - Excessive length can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Our research shows that a maintained short length of around 1-2 inches gives a polished look and offers a protective layer against summer sun.

Autumn – A short boxed style creates the perfect middle ground as temperatures begin to drop. It’s a serious, office-friendly look that can be tailored to emphasise the facial features.

Winter - Full-bodied statement beards like the Verdi style will be popular through winter in 2024. Our patients’ style goals largely include a thick beard with a styled edge for the colder months.


Estenove’s renowned procedure involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body to the face, using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) or direct hair implantation (DHI). The treatment has grown increasingly popular over the last twelve months with an influx of enquiries and bookings from men and a rising number of transgender patients, where the transplanted hair can be styled like natural facial hair following the fourteen-day recovery period.


With Turkey emerging as the global hub for medical tourism, Estenove’s commitment to excellence makes them a destination spot for transformative work as well as navigators of contemporary style and aesthetics.


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