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Find Your Coast Apparel

It's rare to find a brand that genuinly 'does it all'. Normally when a brand claims this they either stock more garments for one gender than the other and although they claim to offer a good quality selection for all its normally a 80:20 ratio. Find your Coast Apparel, genuinley do offer it all, high quality at very reasonable pricing.

The USA based brand offers quality apparel clothing for men & women whilst stocking further lines including; headwear, backpacks, footwear, prints & accessories. Find your Coast or 'FYC' as they are commonly known as is a brand than connects themselves with adventure filled people. Speaking to the brand they told us, 'FYC stands with the doers, the go-getters, the fisherman, the boardriders, the adventurers, the explorers'. This is something you can certainly link with the designs from the brands on their garments.

It's clear to see this is more than just a brand for it's founders, they are trying to create a community, a lifestyle through their brand, which is certainly not a bad thing to aim to do. More brands are turing to this 'business model' as you are not just getting a new customer your adding someone to the brands community which is more likey to bring them back, again and again.

I am always keen to learn more about the brand and the motivation behind the launch of it. This all goes back to the connection consumers have with thieir brand. So I spoke to the brand to find out more information, 'Find Your Coast Apparel is a lifestyle brand and reminder to always be looking forward to your next adventure'. The continued, 'We love making apparel and love to promote our passion for the coasts and our lust for the good life. Casual comfort + coast inspired apparel is what we are passionate about'. That's what it's all about for me, combining two passions to creat something many can be apart of.

You can shop the full collection from the apparel brand over at