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French self-care startup Wecasa launches across UK to offer on-demand, at-home wellness, beauty...

and home care solutions.

  • Wecasa expands into the UK offering wellness, beauty and home care services straight to your door in London, Warwick, Queenstown and Bedford

  • Wecasa’s new mobile app offers quick, easy and ongoing booking and consultation from top local wellness and home care professionals

  • Market research shows that 30% of Brits are dedicating more time to self-care since the pandemic started; Wecasa aims to help tackle the mental load through self-care and at-home offering

French online wellness, beauty and home care services booking platform Wecasa today announces its expansion into the UK market, with London, Warwick, Queenstown and Bedford being the first markets to offer the app’s personal services. This expansion follows Wecasa’s $17.7 million funding round raised earlier this year. Wecasa offers a whole host of services that fit into your schedule, at home, seven days a week, including haircuts, beauty, massages, waxes, facials, mani-pedis, reflexology and cleaning services.

Having first entered the UK market in London in April 2021, Wecasa continues to work progressively to add more cities and counties to its remit. Wecasa knows how difficult the last few years have been and understands that self-care is more important than ever to assist with the mental load many are experiencing. They deliver straight to your door, helping you make time for yourself and your loved ones. Self-care on the rise

The pandemic has seen a huge shift in the way people live their lives and the lifestyle choices they now make. With modern customers accustomed to ordering anything they need online, Wecasa is no different – it offers self-care and time-saving services straight to your door, at any time. Since the start of the pandemic, 30% of Brits now dedicate more time to self-care. The past several years has seen a boom in delivery and at-home services catering to the ‘right here, right now’ trend; the need for on-demand services is now more popular and growing faster than ever.

With workloads on the rise both professionally and at home, it’s harder than ever for busy people to find time for themselves and achieve the right work-life balance. This is also true for those less able to move and get to places easily. Wecasa works with a lot of clients who have been injured, need assisted living or who in general find it hard to leave the house as the service lends itself perfectly to this as well. Wecasa is ready to help bring calm, balance and ease to your day-to-day life, no matter how busy.

How it works

Wecasa works with freelance service professionals to provide professional, convenient offerings to their local customer base. The company currently has 400 skilled professionals on their books and are planning to increase this by 1000 in the coming year to help them expand further into the UK.

Customers seeking services can be connected with a professional quickly and easily just by visiting to choose their desired service (e.g., beauty, massage, home cleaning). From there, they simply enter their postcode, select who the booking is for, select the treatment date and time and they are instantly connected with a local service provider who can come straight to their door.

Alternatively, Wecasa’s new app (launched late October 2021) is available on iOS and Android so, you can book anything you need, anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile device. The app allows for “fine-tuning” of each appointment by allowing them to chat with the professional ahead of time, and offers the ability to share pictures of the style or service they want, and rearrange timings as needed.

The skilled professionals come first

Wecasa does things a little bit differently when it comes to looking after their team. Last year, 64% of Brits chose to shop local to support the community, Wecasa is committed to supporting this. The company prides itself on working closely with local service professionals, enabling them to take their own business to the next level by assisting them in developing their skills, growing their business and ensuring services are localised so they don’t travel more than 5km to customer appointments. With Wecasa the pros remain freelance and can completely control their own bookings and work around themselves, as much as others. With the local approach and shorter journeys, Wecasa hopes that it will assist in leading to reduced carbon emissions as the commute is reduced and kept to a minimum.

New verticals

Wecasa has steadily been adding new categories to its line-up of professional service offerings. The company strongly believes that there is a huge market opportunity to become a one-stop-shop for many service categories, including babysitting and housekeeping services, which Wecasa currently offers via its website and app in its native France.

CEO Antoine Chatelain, Wecasa said “We are incredibly excited to be working in the UK with many of the country’s top skilled professionals to bring self-care and time-saving services to the market. Our mission is simple: we want to help our clients find time for themselves and for each other, no matter how busy. We envisage a world in which self-care fits seamlessly into any schedule — this vision is at the heart of everything we offer.”

Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform for wellness, beauty, and home services, seven days a week. Visit for further information and to book now.