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Games 2 Go: Tension – The Top Ten Naming Game

Games 2 Go: Tension - The Top Ten Naming Game. A riotous race to call out possible solutions to a given subject. But be careful as only answers matching the 10 on the card will score points. The game is fun, fantastic, fast-paced, and frustrating in equal measure. The new travel version has all the awesome elements from the original game but is conveniently slimmed down, allowing you to take it anywhere with a mini card dispenser and scorer.

Great for holidays, on the go, or even at the park, it fits easily into the palm of your hand. Slip a card out of the dispenser and then score using the snappy little poppers on either side. Ideal for involving different generations, the game includes cards that are appropriate for players as young as 8 years old. Can you handle the Tension?

Take on holiday or play on the move. Games 2 Go: Tension is the perfect carry-out card game and costs £13 from

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