• Curtis Hinton

Get your shopping to your door in just 90 minutes with Beelivery

One thing I think COVID-19 has brought forward to us all is a potential easier way of living. By this im of course talking about how tech is going to be used in our lives. For many years you've been able to get your shopping delivered to your home in just days of ordering it, Well what if you didn't have to wait 2 days? what if you didn't even have to wait 24 hours? What if you had to wait just 90 minutes from the moment your order is accepted to get your shopping to your door? Beelivery is leading the way to help cut the waiting times on ordering your weekly shop.

Amazon is arguable the leading company if fast delivered with some cities offering 1 hours slots or even same day delivery on almost anything you'll ever need. The food delivery company Beelivery might be about to join them, offering 24 hours deliveries in cities like London and promising delivery within just 90 minutes from the moment your shopping order has been accepted. It couldn't be easier to place an order through beelivery on there webiste, where they have a wide selection of products from meat to deodorant. One thing I did find was that the products were at a higher price than what they would be in the shops, but I guess they have to make their money somehow, I didn't mind paying the extra costs because I saved so much time not going to the shops myself.

The process is very simple;

1 - Place your order through their webiste

2 - Someone local to you will then accept the order

3 - They will then head to the local supermarket/s to buy the food

4 - Once they have it they will then drop if off at your door

5- You'll have your weekly shop in less than 90 minutes

It really couldn't be any simpler!

Why not try out Beelivery for yourself now? Just head over to www.beelivery.com

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