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#GlowAtHome Your concerns answered: Acne

One the skin concerns I have been asked about the most since we have been in lockdown is how to treat acne and breakouts.

Stress and lifestyle choices can have a considerable effect on our general skin condition and considering that we are going through a time of heightened uncertainty and lifestyle changes, breakouts have become a prevalent skin issue.

Everybody’s skin is unique and the ideal way to determine the right course of action is a consultation by your skin specialist.

However, the main tactic for treatment either in-clinic or at home is to consistently cleanse the skin with gentle products: treating skin gently while removing bacteria is key.

Ways you can treat acne:

I always recommend a combination of in-clinic appointments – with treatments such as LED Light Therapy, High Frequency and micro-current- and a targeted skincare regime at home for the most effective acne treatment. While we wait for our clinic to re-open, there are ways you can help treat acne and breakouts at home:

While cleansing is important for all skin types, it is especially so for acne-prone skin. Cleansing the skin before going to bed is an essential everyday step: our skin restores itself overnight, so by removing all excess oils and impurities accumulated during the day we are giving it a chance to repair.

Our N0.2 Serum has been designed with clinically proven compounds that address the 5 main factors of acne and heal lesions.

Overall, keep in mind that using gentle products with effective ingredients is essential – avoid products containing harsh ingredients such as Bismuth oxychloride which has been known to cause cystic acne and aggravate sensitive skin.

I’m not an advocate of using roaccutane, but if you are already using a medical acne treatment, my suggestion is to opt for a gentle cleanser. And, with any products in your skincare routine, it’s important to note that they should not make your skin feel tight, dry, itchy or red – in case a product does, I recommend suspending usage.

And, no matter how tempting it is, do avoid touching the spot or picking it: it will be open to more bacteria and will ultimately take much longer to heal.

The Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé appointment waiting list is now open. To book your visit, please email .

Lisa is pleased to offer virtual skin consultations: an unique opportunity to speak 1-1 with one of the UK’s leading skincare expert and facialist.


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