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Guamayu - Playful Solidarity

Finding a brand that not only aligns with your style but also your passions isn't easy and with more and more brands popping up all over the world sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the once who actually want to make a difference and those who are just claiming to do so. Fashion brand Guamayu are certainly a brand that fits the 'Brands who want to make a difference' category with a mission to empower through their garments and community.

Guamayu was founded by couple Elliot and Ruben Silva in Berlin, 2021. The two set out to launch a family run business which had a lot more to it than most clothing companies. Speaking about their aims the brand said, 'Our mission is to elevate global awareness and joyfulness through making it easy and fun to empower each other.' In a world that's so eager to tear each other down I would say we'd all agree this is a welcoming aim to aspire to encourage and support each other more... to empower each other. They continued with ,'Sharing knowledge in a playful way and donating to non-profit organisations in Guatemala, we aim to build a brand that takes advantage of the possibility to influence their consumers and motivates them to give back some of the resources they consume to others', showing a clear drive to not only ensure they have sustainable practices within their brand but to encourage others to be aware of a sustainability lifestyle.

The brand has collections of T-shirts, Socks and Prints all featuring creative designs. They also offer you the opportunity to purchase a gift bundle where you get one of each product to have a complete set from Guamayu. The designs are simple yet very effective from the brand giving the platform of their ambitions to help people around the world, a level playing field and insuring its not one that's over looked by the designs.

Guamayu also features its very own Mercaditu (Market) for its Guatemalan artisans which features collections in; Scarfs, bags, Cushion Covers, figurines and products for pets too. Showing a real element of consideration for the community that the Guamayu brand brings. The Mercaditu features handmade products from the artisans the brand works with.

The brand are very keen to ensure their customers and any future customers know they believe their work is just getting started, 'Our journey to achieve these goals has just begun and we acknowledge that we are still in the process of bringing some life to all aspects. But we have a lot of ideas on how to approach them. Stay tuned!' I have no doubt after learning a lot more about this brand, that Guamayu will continue to do their amazing work for many many more years to come and I'm excited to see much more of their designs.

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