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Hairstylist Reveals How Much It Cost To Make Hair Changes Like Kim Kardashian

Ricardo Gomes, name behind Ineffable Hair Salon, explains the expense behind Kim Kardashian's looks

Instagram: @kimkardashian

Owner of an internationally famous surname and followed by more than 300 million people on Instagram alone, it is no exaggeration to say that everything Kim Kardashian touches turns to gold. Over the years, the influencer has bet on the fashion universe and launches trends at all times, such as contouring is makep. And hair is no different.

Currently, she has been rocking platinum locks in a shoulder-length cut called a “long blunt bob”. The model is ideal for those who want to venture into the universe of shorter strands without being too radical.

“It's a modern cut inspired by the 'blunt bob', which is a little shorter, at the nape of the neck. It has textured ends, which give an ‘I woke up like this’ effect, with elegance and subtlety to the hair. It is very versatile and without complicated maintenance”, explained Ricardo Gomes, hairstylist in charge of the Ineffable Hair Salon, in New York.

For him, what requires more care is the platinum tone of the wires, which is achieved through various techniques and has a range of colours, which can have a warmer or very cold undertone.

“A capillary schedule is essential to acquire the platinum look, and it is important to hydrate the wires, to replace the water and leave them healthy before receiving the chemistry”, he says.

“After discoloration, it is normal for the wires to be fragile, so bet on hair reconstruction - which returns keratin and strengthens the hair. It is also important to colour platinum hair, as it can turn yellow easily. Finally, you have to protect your hair from the heat, as a hairdryer and flat irons can dry out your hair over time”, he emphasises.

The cost of the technique varies in relation to the size of the hair and the amount of products that will be used. “You can start at 30 reais and go up to 1,000 reais.”

“It is worth remembering that being a blonde requires time, weekly visits to the salon. It's not just the money, it's an investment that costs in every way. But only those who have gone through the change know the feeling of empowerment that platinum threads can give to those who are up for this adventure”, he points out.

However, Ricardo remembers that it is possible to change the look without touching the hair. “Laces have become very popular. It is a different technique than conventional wigs. It usually uses natural human hair for the application, which gives a more realistic effect. Kim Kardashian and her sisters are adept at this technique.”

He even warns of the price. “The laces range from 400 to 5 thousand reais. It all depends on the quality. Care must be taken as well, such as washing. They can be brushed normally and, after use, leave them on a mannequin or in a satin bag to prevent the strands from tangling.”

Instagram: @kimkardashian

Instagram: @gomeshair