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Healthy Trillion

Tech Giants Apple became the first US Company to be valued over $1,000,000,000,000. with share prices now at a all time high of $208.38 per share! We wanted to dive deep into see how Tim Cook and the late Steve Jobs created such a dominating brand.

Apple was founded 42 years ago in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne. Little did these 3 gentlemen know that in 2018 they would be the founders of a 1 Trillion Dollar company with over 500 Stores World-wide.

Selling products from the Iphone to the Apple Watch Apple has certain planted its feet in the ground in the technology world. But what made Apple the company it is today? What made Apple so Successful and popular world wide with millions of people using there technology every single day?

I think first things first Apple hasn't always been as strong and dominating as they are today in the Early to mid 90's they hit a rough patch with many ideas failing to catch on to modern society and this wasn't helping with Microsoft shares rocketing through the same period.

But with that past truly behind them and a whole host of different products on the market now they are truly 'reaping the rewards' for the hard work during the 90's.

With the launch of the Iphone 8 followed by the IphoneX a month later Apple lovers everywhere went

crazy as noticeably the 'Iphone9' was never to be. Apple informed its buyers it was to celebrate 10 years of the Iphone.

Apples products in 2018 (August) include: The Iphone Range, Mac - This includes the Macbook range, Ipods, IPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Home Pod, electric vehicles (2020) and Apple Energy. I would predict that 9/10 houses have at least 1 apple product. But even with such a bit range the prices can still be very high, unlike competitors like Samsung Apples products aim to be a prestigious level. It gives those who cant afford thousands of pounds to spend on fancy tech a chance to buy them for around £500+

It doesn't look like Apple will be slowing down anytime soon! Here's to the next $1,000,000,000,000 !

Congrats Apple! Remeber you can shop there latest tech here...

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