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Helen Philips

'We empower women to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful and the affordable price point is every women's dream'. This is what female fashion brand 'Helen Philips' owner Lucy Hood Believes her brand does. Since Ms Hood Launched her brand back in October 2016 shes be aim to provide key on trend women's wear collections with a strong contemporary, minimalistic theme flowing throughout every garment.

I wanted to find out what was the inspiration behind the brand 'Helen Philips', Lucy informed me that It's always been a dream of her's and she's always had an interest in fashion, from making clothes for her beanie baby dolls when she was about 8 years old to teaching herself how to make full size women's clothes. It's something she's always enjoyed - designing and making clothes. Which lead to her creating the brand 'Helen Philip's' which is her parents names put together. Ms Hood told me that her parents have always been so supportive of her dream of becoming a fashion designer and creating her brand, so by naming her brand after them it was her way of giving back to them, a 'Thank you'.

Lets talk style, Lucy focuses on a lot on minimalism, 'I am very inspired by architecture and the world around us. Its constantly evolving and changing and that's what I try to convey within my garments and collections. I also like to keep my collections very contemporary with a slight athletic feel, this is very much similar to my own style which is an important part of my brand'. It is clear to see Lucy has a clear vision on which way she's going to be taking her brand and with an aim to establish herself as a serious designer where people shop often it's good she has that vision.

We managed to see and sample some of 'Helen Philips' range and the quality in the material is there and the styles are getting there. The designs are very clear and clean. After sampling the range and seeing it with the costs, I would credit Lucy as I feel it could be a little higher in price but its still early doors and the first few years for any fashion brand is the most important, Its about staying grounded and not running away with it, which after speaking to Lucy I have no doubt she will remain grounded.

You can check out the full collection online at


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