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HeyDoodle, Doodle, Colour, Wipe, Re-use

HeyDoodle, the revolutionary brand that has been captivating young minds worldwide. HeyDoodle brings a range of sustainable and educational products designed to spark creativity and engagement among children aged 2 to 7. HeyDoodle’s wipe-clean silicone mats, offer a limitless and reusable platform for doodling and learning.


HeyDoodle's wipe-clean silicone mats offer fun playtime time and time again. Children can enjoy hours of colouring, tracing, and doodling. These mats are not only fun, but also environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste and providing a sustainable way for kids to explore their artistic abilities.

The magic lies in the simplicity and convenience of HeyDoodle's wipe-clean mats. Once a masterpiece is complete and a child wants to have another go, a simple wipe with a damp cloth resets the mat, ready for new adventures in creativity. This feature makes HeyDoodle mats perfect for various settings, from travel, cafes and restaurants to appointments, waiting rooms, office receptions, and at home.

Founder Beatrice, a dedicated mother of three, envisioned HeyDoodle as a way to enhance children's learning experiences while considering the planet's well-being. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Beatrice and her team of stay-at-home moms have put their hearts into designing and assembling these innovative products. The brand's exponential growth over the past three years is a testament to the product's appeal, with word-of-mouth recommendations driving its global reach.


HeyDoodle is a great gift for Christmas, empowering children's imaginations and contribute to sustainable living.


Mats, £21.99 from HeyDoodle

Printed on premium grade silicone, our A3 reusable colouring mats come in a range of themes and activities to engage curious minds. Comes with 9 non-toxic markers and a handy carry case ready to go with you. Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. Choose from Six different designs; Aussie Animals, World Countries, DinoRoar, Toot Toot Honk, Into The Wild or Sugar& Spice


MiniMats, £14.99 from HeyDoodle

All the fun of our HeyDoodle Mats in a smaller A4 size format. Our five most popular mats in a teaser size with three markers packaged in a beautiful gift tube. A perfect alternative for party favours and stocking fillers, one that is reusable over and over again. Choose from five different designs; Into The Wild, DinoRoar, Sugar & Spice, Toot Toot Honk or Aussie Animals


Tales, £24.99 from HeyDoodle

A HeyDoodle original design, Tales is a silicone activity mat that can stretch up to 60cm long, or fold back into a portable book. Read, Colour, Trace, Erase and Reuse! The perfect activity on-the-go for kids. Choose from three different designs; Habitats Above & Below Book, Natural Wonders Book or Old MacDonalds Had a Farm Book.