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Hidden Beneath

There's one garment that most of us wear everyday that can somewhat get an oversight when being brought. When in actual fact I would put this garment as important as your shirt or trousers because if you choose the wrong style, if they're too small for you or the wrong colour, it could cause you major discomfort or in some cases slight embarrassment. I am of course talking about your underwear and there is one brand in particular that is striving to bring style and comfort to everyone, Hidden Beneath.

UK based and UK handcrafted brand Hidden beneath is a 'minimal underwear brand' for both men and women. The brand are looking to bring feels of romance and inspiration to your undergarments and they know exactly how they are going to do this. Talking to the brand they told us, 'The past is often looked at with a certain romanticism but here at Hidden Beneath it is the future that feels romantic and is a source of inspiration. Using this as a direction whilst also looking at street wear for influence underwear is created out of comfortable fabrics to complement a somewhat androgynous aesthetic'. It's very clear to see the brand know what path they want to be on and its the path to a market that everyone would be buying in.

As we are seeing more and more with brands in recent years is how proud and ken they all are in showing they are sustainable and they are completely transparent with their customers, and the team at Hidden Beneath are no different. We asked the brand for a quote regarding the brands sustainable policies they told us, 'Hidden Beneath, as a brand believes in transparency and sustainability that is why every effort is made to use fabrics that are kinder to the planet such as organic cotton. If this is not possible then I, as the designer, do my best to limit the amount ordered to reduce wastage. I only ever have a couple of meters of each fabric in the studio. All of the fabric and making supplies are sourced from the UK'. It great to see brands are starting with this consciousness of the fabrics that can be sourced locally and they accept the fact they wont be really cheap but they will be good quality and those making their fabrics will get paid a fair price for their work.

The made to order brand are proud to boast a wide range of underwear for both men and women. From stocking thongs and briefs for women to boxers and jockstraps for men they really do have something for all and remember they are all handcrafted to order.

Why not head over now and swap cheap and poor quality for comfort and style you can shop the full range of both men and womens wear over at hiddenbeneathunderwear.com

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