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HM Visits: Geode: Where Sophistication Meets Culinary Mastery

From the very first step into the heart of Knightsbridge, one can't help but be immediately captivated by the undeniable elegance of Geode Bar and Restaurant. The entire establishment simply oozes sophistication, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and the passionate pursuit of excellence evident throughout.

Geode Restaurant

Upon arrival, the warm and genuine welcome from the doorman set the tone for the evening. The greeting team further extended that warmth, making me feel not just as a guest but as a cherished friend revisiting after a long time. This immediate embrace of luxury, comfort, and familiarity is a rarity in the bustling heart of London, and Geode perfects it effortlessly.

As I entered into the venue, I was beckoned to the bar. A space where mixologists effortlessly blend the art of cocktail creation with the spirit of global exploration. The allure was undeniable; it was as if the world had been bottled up, waiting to be uncorked and savoured one sip at a time.

Ascending the picturesque marble staircase, gilded with bronze, I arrived at The Dining Room on the third floor. Here, the low lighting set a vibe a warm glow, spotlighting an orchestra of diners laughing and feasting, with no intention of rushing their culinary journey. They, like me, had surrendered to the magic of Geode.

The menu, a curated selection of distinct Mediterranean and Asian dishes, was a delightful showcase of culinary artistry. I was treated to a parade of flavors, each dish a symphony in its own right:

  • Padron Peppers: A dance of deep-fried Spanish delight, accentuated with the sharp zing of rock salt.

  • Grilled Aubergine Salad: A harmonious blend of roasted aubergine, creamy Greek yoghurt, crunchy almonds, and sweet pomegranate seeds.

  • Deep-fried Calamari: Crunchy baby squid seasoned to perfection, their flavors elevated with an array of accompanying sauces.

  • Chicken: A masterclass in slow-cooking, with the spit-roast chicken tenderly melting in the mouth, perfectly complemented by roast potatoes.

  • Cataplana: A rich and aromatic Spanish-style fish stew, encapsulating the essence of the sea.

  • Japanese Cheesecake: A cloud of fluffiness, paired exquisitely with strawberry and shiso compote.

  • Matcha Roll: An East meets West dessert, where earthy matcha sponge is rolled with velvety mascarpone, white chocolate cream, and a raspberry surprise.

  • Lime and Charcoal Tart: A sensory delight, with its vegetable charcoal base and zesty lime cream, crowned with black sesame, lime jelly, and refreshing lime sorbet.

The attentive waitstaff, with their encyclopedic knowledge of the dishes, only added to the experience. Their seamless service, combined with the restaurant's undeniable ambience, belied the fact that Geode had only been open for a month. It felt as though they had been perfecting this art for years.

In essence, Geode is not just a dining experience; it's a journey. A journey through crafted spaces, curated flavors, and a level of sophistication that is both rare and refreshing.

For those seeking an evening where comfort meets luxury, and where every moment is a memory in the making, Geode is the destination. Book your journey at


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