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How do you take your tea? Stirred, not shaken.

A new real-world survey just analysed by the Tea Advisory Panel ([1] has discovered that the British public love to take their tea ‘strong and straightforward’ just like Rachel Weisz, wife of James Bond star, Daniel Craig, also himself a massive tea fan[2].

So, for the 8 in ten Brits who do drink tea, how do they take it?

  • The top choice at 34% is a proper builder’s brew – strong and straightforward – as preferred by Rachel Weisz

  • 28% prefer a medium cuppa, not too dark and not too brewed

  • 19% love a milky cup of tea – like the PM – but don’t forget to take the bag out before you add the milk[3]!

  • The go-to tea for 9% isn’t officially a tea – but a herbal or fruit infusion

  • 8% like their tea weak.

Commenting on the findings, TAP dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, says: “A good strong cup of tea tastes rich and satisfying but it’s also bursting with health and wellness benefits thanks to the polyphenols – natural plant compounds - found in black and green teas that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that drinking 3-4 cups of tea daily on a regular basis is linked with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. But tea also has other benefits such as helping with alertness and mental focus, freshening the breath and supporting weight loss diets.

“We may not feel some of these health benefits straightaway but it’s clear from the TAP survey that tea drinkers notice the wellness effects as soon as they have had a cuppa, as 64% said tea made them feel better during a stressful day, while 54% felt an immediate change in mood after a brew and 79% believe tea helps them to connect with others”.

No doubt this is why the TAP survey found that 82% of Brits agree with David Walliams when he said: ‘A cup of tea is the answer to every problem.’ But he’s not the only tea lover, especially amongst the top celebrities of 2021:

  • Dua Lipa drinks Rocket Fuel tea – a mixture of green tea and Yerba Mate which is renowned for its caffeine kick[4].

  • Justin Bieber has been spotted in LA buying takeway matcha tea[5] made from a finely ground powder of green tea leaves from tea plants that are grown in the shade for three to four weeks before harvest.

  • Kim Kardashian has appeared online recommending a homemade infusion which also includes garlic, ginger root, and honey[6].


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