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How I fell in love with social media during quarantine…

Written by James Hatton

'‘There is no right answer or wrong answer, and that is the answer…’

Some may say that’s a slightly misleading line, but lets be honest in a world that now more then ever needs to be connected, you can’t help but thank social media for the ways in which it has given us not only the tools to keep entertained; but to keep us together for this short period of time that we well, simply must not.

Now more than ever individuals who suffer with mental health issues will see a high rise in their own experiences; signs and symptoms, whereas those who have not suffered may begin to see their own signs and symptoms.

Panic, worry, anxieties, worry of worries, worries for the future, reminiscing memories of times gone by, both the good and the bad, times are getting somewhat tougher and it gets harder when routine is forcing you to change a habitual routine.

Doubt sinks in and often fear and panic will ensue.

(Before we begin, I often write two blogs, this within ‘Hinton Magazine.’ (More formal.) However, should you wish to see a more ‘RAW blog piece’ link is here..

For many this is now a new bold world, so few have never felt the impact of isolation or simply being by themselves or told to work in such a manner.

Is this good? Is it bad?

In some ways yes, and in so many ways no.

For those who suffer with anxieties, social anxieties, doubts, worries or more. This now for instance shows many who do not suffer what it can be like in their world. To well what it feels like. They’re used to social distancing, to not want to talk to or to connect or contact those of people they do not know. Whereas for others this is easy.

Then again, those who are very used to contact with others, are now finding the most difficult task of becoming more introverted and having to abide by that off social distancing, and for those not used to it, well this is hard.

How so?

In short, when being made to follow a new habitual enforced routine. It’s going to be hard, but as with anything in life a new routine, habit takes time to set in. Those used to it obviously easier said than done.

(Look up the book ‘Power Of Habit’ great read.)

Those not used to it. Often comes denial, being pushy, won’t take to it. Pushes away. Until it becomes so long and used to it, well then the routine stays.

In short terms, life’s pretty shitty for all at the moment. We can’t change it, we can’t fast forward, and we certainly don’t want to take time backwards. We are all simply in this together. FACT.

I’ve many friends and family who are finding new routines habits, and rules so very hard, this is a new world. Me, yes tough, but a more welcome to my world for a change kind of view. (See personal blog for reasons.) That being said,

Now more then ever we have to ensure that we are checking up on each and everyone in your immediate and further circles, friends, family, colleagues, work friends, local businesses and more. Because if they aren’t in their normal routine, have you seen them?

Have they posted anything online?

Are they ok?

You’re out of your routine just as them, you can’t presume they’re ok.

We have to ask everyone now more than ever. ‘You ok?’


What’s one of the key ways to get through lockdown?

Routine, I can’t stress this enough. If you fall out of routine good luck getting back into your work routine, or family, life routine. Harder to get back into then to lose routine.

Routine gives order, discipline, sleep schedule, and body clock regulation.

For me it’s ensuring that I have some form of mental work, this could include


Re reding my university work books, articles, journals.

Colouring in, yes that’s right. Keeps focus on very therapeutic.

Gaming. Nerd at heart. Now more then ever can complete the incomplete collection.

Exercise. You are ALLOWED out. (Keep to rules and regs.)

Exercise. Why not twice? Once for fresh air. Seconds for indoors. Your body is your best friend use it and look after it well.

Quiz nights, social nights, get togethers, Via the likes of FaceTime, Zoon, or WhatsApp. Make the time to have these with your friends, family or colleagues.

Enrol in an online course. Ensure they’re CPD accredited and your laughing as all employers accept these. All add up for proof of continued professional development.

Cooking now or never use the cookbooks you’ve been given.

Anymore that you can think of.

Those key points, if one of the things that brings me back to why I fell in love with social media again.

Now more then ever you can see how many sheer talents everyone has during this lock-down. You have a chance to reconnect your basic 5 senses, use them explore them/







All this and so much more, in a funny way it’s a refreshing way to feel more connected then ever. However, what would be even more wonderful is ensuring we keep those positives vibes going once lock down is all over and safe.

Then there’s the otherwise. Remember lock-down is not a race.

It is not a race to see you loses the most weight, creates a new skill, gets a new job, or feels they’re bettering themselves to others. If you wish to do this that’s amazing and credit where due, but always be mindful of those who wish to stick to lock-down, remain as they were and simply pause.

There simply is no right or wrong answer and that my friend is the answer.

Do what makes you happy.

Do what makes you feel right.

If you feel you simply need to pause.

Pause like we all are and take the down time as you wish to take it.

If you feel the need to use the down time more then ever to do or catch up on the things you may never be able to then also do so.

We are all in this together, but remember you also have the choice to take this path exactly as you so wish to take it.

Go for a walk, stay inside, read a book, cook a meal.

As with my previous blogs, the darkness will pass, the storm clouds are raging, the migraine will disappear, although we fear we don’t know how long it is here for, remember it passes as with all things. And we will come out stronger maybe not straight away, but inevitably stronger and more unique then ever…

And as always remember my inbox is open Via Instagram or Facebook.

Stay safe, wash your god dam hands, and speak next month.

James BSc