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Indie Bay - Like Pretzels but better

If your looking for a snack that is low on calories and full of flavour then we have the perfect snack for you! Here at Hinton We have teamed up with indie bay snacks, there like a pretzel but so much better and they come in a variety of flavours. We love them!

'It all began with a real need – an empty snack drawer, a house full of hungry kids and a run to the local shop, only to be met with a deep frustration at the options available. There had to be something better; delicious and satisfying, without the guilt or the grease. We all love to snack, but we don’t want to feel lousy for doing so. With that in mind, Indie Bay Snacks was born. It’s out with the old and in with the round. We’ve taken all the best bits of a pretzel and made our own perfect bites of deliciousness. They’re crunchy, moreish and, of course, round' Is what we are told.

The Low calorie snack comes in various different flavour; Rock Salt, Super Seeds, cracked Pepper and all new smokey bbq. One mission behind the brand is to give back and that is exactly what they are doing, with every pack sold they are funding the education of children about healthy eating.

You can purchase the snack from various different outlets but why hang around?

Just head to now and get yourself some of these tasty treats!


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