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Justine Hats SS21

The SS2021 hat collection by Justine Hats puts the iconic 'Bucket Hat' right at the forefront of their collection. The latest collection from the Israel based millinery also features a selection of straw hats available in many types and colours alongside a elegant selection of fabric hats.

Justine Hats have never been one to produce extravigant garments but what thay have been consistant with is the quality and the elegant impact thier hats bring to any outfits - something of which they are notoriously known for.

The recent release of their SS21 collection sees the main shape of this collection focused on the Bucket hat (from the word bucket, a hat used by fishermen in the Japan area, with a rounded structure and a downward-sloping edge.) Speaking to brand about their decision for this they told us, 'The unique shape repeats itself in different materials and textures, has an interesting formal structure, hides and reveals the face. Connects to this days, when we are required to social distance and maintain distance.' Could this be a sign of the way the world of fashion is moving, or have Justine Hats found a very unique USP with their new collection?

The SS21 Collection is one that gives the feeling of identification. The designs are certainly for a specific taste, sophicated and one may say daring. With each new collection that the millinery brand released it results in them putting yet another staple into the traditional garment making sector of the fashion industry and this is something that is so significant with the rapid rise of fast fashion.

Populuar throughout the world Justine hats have found success in; USA, Europe, Israel, Australia, the Far East. All of which know them for their old art of traditional hat making, something of which is a dying art.

You can shop the full range from Justine Hats over at