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Keep Calm and Meditate at Home

With the growing uncertainty, the world might not feel as safe to some right now. Silatha invites you to release the stress and anxiety that may be surrounding you at present through our meditation app. ·       Receive a wealth of inspiration and the mindfulness you need, to get through this difficult period. ·       Cultivate a habit which now more than ever could save your sanity and give yourself the love and care you deserve. Boost your mental health and alleviate the unnecessary burdens that may be attaching itself to your mind. Enjoy a selection of inspiring and supporting free meditations available on Silatha website, with new meditation live every day   Silatha enables you to create & nurture inner peace with the custom-made offer of guided meditation combined with a tangible object. The newly launched app incorporates exclusive features and unique functions to support life-long change.   Key features: Revolutionising meditation methods: Through scientifically proven techniques, Silatha connects its meditations to a tangible object. This can be a gemstone, an item you always carry with you, or the beautiful Silatha  jewellery. During the meditations you connect to your gem which serves as a reminder of your intention throughout the day. Choose your gemstone based on the intention that you desire to gr ow. The guided meditations create new routines through embodied cognition. Intention focused: Choose from twelve meditation series, that have more than 300 goal oriented meditations, as well as silent meditations to push yourself even further Featuring known yogis: The Silatha Meditation App is created with well- known yogis, meditation teachers and psychologists. To support with topics such as: embracing grief, creating more self-love, clarity, emotional balance and much much more! 21-Day Series: The Silatha meditation series run for 21-days, the time span required to create and cement a new habit.   Enjoy the benefits of meditation: Sleep easy: those who meditate have a 98% increase in melatonin levels, melatonin is one of the key ingredients for a deep slumber. Stress release: daily meditation practice is proven to reduce these stress levels by half. Meditation releases neutralising chemicals that have been scientifically proven to minimise stress and quieten mind chatter. Less stress also results in reduced blood pressure and boosted immune system. Get smarter: meditation has been shown to increase emotional intelligence through the process of neuroplasticity. Reduce anxiety: after a mere 60 accumulative minutes of meditating, GABA (the chemical that makes you feel calm) increases by 27%. Improve concentration: as meditation enhanced control over default activity of the brain.


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