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Kiss the frog Studio

Consumers are taking more notice of the brands they shop which when it comes to food, household good, fashion and jewelry. there taking notes in the sustainibility of the brand and its practices and they are also searching for brands the can have connections with or brands that offer s tory that the consumer can connect with, Greek based Jewlery brand Kiss the from studio is a brand with many stories to tell.

Kiss the frog was founded by Michail Kasapis a Greek Illustrator-designer. The brand is a handcrafted jewelry label creating some niche yet stylish peices. We spoke to the brand to fins out more about them and where their designs come from, 'Along with the senior maker Myrto Gleni, create unique, wearable jewelry determined to express their inner love for poetry and drawing, animation art and design, expressed in the most narrative manner'.

The brand brings more than just stylish pieces to its customers with all peice having a story to go alongside it, something more and more people are loving when they are shopping. The brand also boasts a small team of 'passionate makers' brinings futher niche-ness to the brand something that consumers will find endearing.

Offering a very wide range of designs Kiss the frog studio certainly stock something for everyone. Whether its a gift or a special memory of your visit to Athens / Greece it'll certainly bring a meaningful feeling to whoever wears it.

You can shop the full collection from Kiss the Frog studio over at