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Leave the Sand Behind with Beach Powder.

Beach Powder is the perfect solution for sand-filled afternoons on the beach. It is an all-natural, talc-free formula that easily removes sand from the skin, making it the most convenient and safe way to clean up after a day of fun in the sun. From its revolutionary appearance on Dragons Den to your beach bag, Beach Powder has come a long way to help make post-beach clean-up faster and easier.

There has never been a better time to switch to all-natural ingredients to replace traditional talc. Beach Powder is an innovative solution that allows you to effortlessly achieve the perfect coverage without exposing your skin to toxic elements. This powder is made from natural minerals and plant-based ingredients that remove all sand and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. With its unique blend of essential oils and minerals, Beach Powder is gentle enough for all skin types.

Say goodbye to sandy beach days and hello to comfortable walks with Beach Powder. The ingenious formula helps you shake off the sand quickly and effortlessly so there's no rubbing on your skin or uncomfortable walks for ice cream after. Beach Powder will make your day at the beach just a bit more enjoyable with no messiness required.

Beach Powder is produced in the British Isles, our Beach Powder is eco-friendly, natural, and allergy-free. It is suitable for vegans and packaged in recycled cardboard.

Beach Powder helps keep your skin feeling refreshed and gently exfoliated. Beach Powder provides a fresh start after a long day of sunbathing or building sand castles with little ones at beach time; it's sure to quickly become a summertime and beach time necessity.

Beach Powder costs £10.99 from